1970 Porsche 914/6 Targa

Debuting at the 1969 Frankfurt Auto Show, the 914/4 showcased Volkswagen’s 1,679cc, four-cylinder, air-cooled engine from the 411 model. Conversely, the elite 914/6 boasted the prowess of Porsche’s 2.0-liter six-cylinder engine sourced from the 911T, meticulously installed at Porsche’s Zuffenhausen factory.

Both variants boasted a sophisticated all-independent suspension system, blending components from the 911 and VW, coupled with four-wheel disc brakes and a five-speed transaxle ingeniously linked to the mid-mounted engine.

While the 914 earned acclaim for its superb handling dynamics, critiques arose regarding the perceived sluggishness of the four-cylinder iteration. However, such criticisms faded into insignificance when compared to the spirited performance of the 914/6.

With a more potent powerplant under its hood, the 914/6 not only retained its nimble handling but also received a significant boost in performance. To counterbalance the increased weight resulting from the inclusion of the 6-cylinder 911T engine, Porsche ingeniously adjusted gear ratios and brake gearing, ensuring a superior driving experience despite the additional heft.

Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s