1970 Lombardi 850 Grand Prix

During the 1950s and ’60s, Carrozzeria Lombardi created a range of cars based on various Fiat chassis, including the 850, which were successfully manufactured and sold. One of their most stylish and sporty models was the Lombardi Grand Prix.

Introduced in 1968, the Lombardi Grand Prix is considered the most refined of all sports cars derived from the 850. It utilized the 850 sedan’s floorplan and rear-engine layout, as well as many of its mechanical components. As a result, the Lombardi Grand Prix became the foundation for various modified specials from notable Italian tuners such as OTAS, Giannini, and Abarth.

Lombardi Grand Prix vehicles were originally equipped with the 850’s 843-cc, ohv inline four-cylinder engine, which produced a lackluster 34 hp. However, American-spec models were branded as the OTAS 820 Grand Prix and boasted a smaller but more potent 817-cc four-cylinder engine that generated 52 hp.

Photo Source: Petrolhead Classics