3 thoughts on “1966 Plymouth Hemi Satellite | Hardtop”

  1. I like this example of a muscle car.
    It is clean, and it is a “sleeper” other than some possible small badging somewhere on the car body.
    Otherwise it totally looks like a typical grocery getter of the era.
    I was in my early teens near the end of the ’60’s when all of the “Super Bee” wild color and black striped Hemi (and other) fast high power Mopars came out.
    I thought those were AWESOME at the time, but I was 14 and my tastes have since refined and I would much prefer the generally nondescript Plymouth Satellite in the article here.
    Of course not a thing wrong with a 425 horsepower, 426 Hemi either.

    1. I am right there with you!!…I mean, I wouldn’t toss a plum crazy purple hemi cuda with a shaker hood out of my garage, but I have really gown to appreciate ‘sleeper’ muscle cars like this one, and I think I am at the point where I prefer this over the Cuda!

  2. I had a friend in 66 that had this same car in light blue, and a torque flight trans. Had a 160 speedo and would do it. Way fast. Was advertised at 425 HP, but was over 500 HP. would melt the tires.( RIP Hemi)

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