1961 Bentley S2 Continental Flying Spur Sports Saloon

Initially, Rolls-Royce envisioned the Bentley Continental as a two-door car. However, in late 1957, they made a decision to allow the production of a four-door version by H J Mulliner. This new design, known as the ‘Flying Spur’, was created through a collaborative effort between Rolls-Royce’s in-house styling department and H J Mulliner. It bore a striking resemblance to both the two-door Continental and existing coachbuilt four-door styles found on Rolls-Royce and non-Continental Bentley chassis.

The ‘Flying Spur’ body style made its debut on the S1 Continental and showcased practicality with its four-door layout, offering a more spacious interior and a generously proportioned boot. It seamlessly combined the Continental’s speed and elegance with the convenience of four-door practicality, making it ideal for extended tours to distant destinations.

The design carried over to the V8-engined S2 Continental and incorporated the S3’s four-headlamp front end after its introduction in 1962. The Flying Spur continued to enhance the Continental’s allure and allure for those seeking a luxurious and versatile touring experience.

Source: Bonhams