1959 Imperial Speedster | Concept Car

Fan submission from Scott Burgess. This is an amazing story of how this Imperial was seen and photographed by Scott.  Thank you Scott.

The story: This bus came to my Home town Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2013 followed by lots of cars and 2 trailer queens.

Scott saw this on the rack

This is the interior


And check out the wheels on this beaut!

As owner, designer and builder Murray Pfaff puts it, the Imperial Speedster is the concept car that Chrysler never envisioned. It’s a two-seat roadster hewn from a massive 1959 Imperial Crown Custom sedan. There simply isn’t room here to get into every detail that consumed 10,000 hours of painstaking craftsmanship, but in a nutshell, the car’s body was cut into 46 major sections and welded back together in his Royal Oak, Mich. home’s two-garage. It has been shortened in 5 places for a total of 52″, narrowed 8″ and sectioned 3″.

Despite the classic styling, glimmering chrome, and gold-platted emblems; underneath lies a truly modern performance vehicle. Power is delivered via a 425HP, 6.1 Liter SRT HEMI V8 channeled through a 518 automatic to a Dodge Viper independent rear suspension.

The Imperial Speedster took over 100,000 hours to build.