32 thoughts on “1958 Chevy Impala Custom | Old Car”

    1. I had one fully customized with Crusier skirts, most trim removed, 3 red beehive tail lights instead of center backup, cabinet pull grill, bullet hub for front wheels and Emerald green metallic. Of course I wish I still had it.

    1. The 58 is a very good looking car. But my favorite was the 59 loved that car would buy one in a minute if I had the money.

  1. Although I have always been a Ford fan, I rhink the 58 Impala was the most beautiful car Chevrolet ever made. Its beauty seems to be amplified when sen at night under artificial lighting. The only car that rivaled it was the Pontiac Chieftan of the same year.

  2. I’ve alway loved the 58 Impala, one of the most beautiful cars ever produced, along with the 57 T Bird,…the 61 E Type Jag (XKE), and the 63 sp;it window Coupe Vette,…& the 61 Vette
    Peter Francis Span

    PS I finally bough my 57 T Bird a year & a half ago.

  3. I had a White one, just like the one in American Graffiti! It was really cool! I’ll never understand why I traded it in for a ’66 GTO!

  4. I had a white 58 Impala 348 3 speed shifted from 1st to 2nd right at 52 miles an hour shifted 2nd to 3rd at 103 miles an hour what car sold it for $700 back in 63 I would like to have another someday

  5. I had one like it same color ,two door hardtop,had a 348engine and powerglide transmission, I did put a four speed transmission it a good ole rock crusher.Great memory’s and great car.

  6. My uncle had one with a hot motor I think I was about 10 years old and he put a $10.00 bill on the dash and I could grab the cash it would be mine
    At a spot light when he hit the gas I was like nailed into the front seat.
    Such a classic machine.

  7. I am a 72 y/o retired vet …. It has always been a dream to own a 58 Impala …. Unfortunately that dream has never come true and I certainly can’t afford it now …. If you have owning a car like this on your bucket list, follow that dream before it’s too late …. Beautiful car !!

  8. I had one in the seventies, we used to cruise Medford Oregon on weekends along with a few other 50’s cars ,we would pull in at Bob’s Big Boy and go in with our dates and get a burger and fries and watch every one walk over and look at our rides and oh and ah them. when we cane out to our cars it was question and answer time !! It was great times!

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