1956 Buick Special

1956 Buick Special old car

1956 Buick Special with caddy hubcaps. ¬†For its time the Buick Special was one of America’s best selling old cars.

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  1. My father took me with him when he went to buy a new car. We went to the Buick dealer, and he let me pick out the car. I picked a 1956 Century 4 door hard top. Lots of extra, black and white with a black and red interior. He drove it over 150000 miles. While in High School I ran parts and customers for a local shop that specialized in Buicks, Caddilacs etc. When I was ready to come back home from Turkey in the Spring of 1960 I had my father give my $950 in savings to the guy I worked for and asked him to buy me a car. He got me a 1956 Buick Century Convertible, robins egg blue and white. It had about 9000 miles on it, and he put it thru the garage to make sure everything was good. Put a lot of miles on it, and took it to California.


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