1935 Audi Front 225 Roadster

The Front 225 or ‘Typ UW’ as it is known in Germany, is part of a short lived line of Front wheel drive Audis. The 225 replaced the original model of two liters which initially launched the FWD concept.

Made within the Auto Union empire, the Front 225 was powered by the same Inline-6 found in the W245 Wanderer. This initially produced 50 bhp at 3300 rpm, but was upgraded in 1937 to 55 bhp at 3800 rpm. This power propelled the front wheels through a 4-speed transmission.

Bodywork was typically crafted in-house at Auto Union’s own Horch-Werk facility. Standard styles included a 4-seat sport sedan, a 6-window limousine, 2-seat Cabriolet or a dedicated 2-seat roadster. Around 25 Spezial Roadsters were made by Coachworks Erdmann et Rossi. By 1938 Audi Front production was halted after 2,600 examples had been made.


Photo Source: Favcars.com