What Is A Classic Car

There are several definitions of the Classic Cars and what criteria define an old car. The Classic Car Club of America maintains that a car must be between 30 and 49 years old to be a classic. Generally an antique car is defined as a car over 45 years old. The Vintage Era lasted from the end of WWI (1919) through the 1929 crash on Wall Street.

Cars from 1973 and onward are often defined as “modern customs,” “exotics,” or “collectibles.”

In the UK, classic cars range from veteran (pre–First World War), to vintage (1919–1930), to post-vintage (1930s).

Many classic car fanatics share the love of restoring cars to their “authentic” condition.

Old Car

A litte history on Classic Cars

Automobiles changed the world in the 20th Century. A historian once said that Henry Ford freed common people from the limitations of their geography.

The automobile created mobility on a scale never known before, and the total effect on living habits and social customs is endless. In the days of horse-drawn transportation, the practical limit of wagon travel was 10 to 15 miles, so that meant any community or individual farm more than 15 miles from a city, a railroad, or a navigable waterway was isolated from the mainstream of economic and social life.


Motor vehicles and paved roads have narrowed the gap between rural and urban life. Farmers can ship easily and economically by truck and can drive to town when it is convenient. In addition, such institutions as regional schools and hospitals are now accessible by bus and car.

The automobile industry played a critical role in producing military vehicles in the First World War.


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