V16 Cadillac Models & History 1936

The1936 Cadillac V-16 (Series 36-90) was a continuation of the 1935 cars. Built to order only, nearly half of the fifty-two units were seven passenger limousines. As with V-8 and V-12 lines, Fleetwood bodies for the V-16 now used the all steel Turret Top. All body styles had Vee windshields. A minor mechanical change involved the use of the “Peak-load” generator.



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1936 Cadillac Ambulance:
A race car?
No, but Buck Kamphausen’s ambulance
was in The Great Race

  • Engine numbers were on the upper surface of the generator drive chain housing.
  • Starting: 5110201.
  • Ending: 5110252.


Fleetwood Series 36-90, 154 in. wheelbase
Some listings show these as 58___ styles.
Style Number Style Seating Price Weight
36-5725LB Town Cabriolet 7 $8850 2905 kg
36-5725C Town Cabriolet 7
36-5730FL Imperial Cabriolet 5
36-5730S Sedan 5
36-5733S Town Sedan 5 $7250 2766 kg
36-5735 Convertible Coupe 2
36-5775 Imperial Sedan (Limousine) 7 $7750 2814 kg
36-5775FL Imperial Cabriolet 7 $7850 2823 kg
36-5775S Sedan 7 $7555 2814 kg
36-5776 Coupe 2
36-5780 Convertible Sedan with Divider 5 $7850 2773 kg
36-5791 Limousine Brougham 7
36-5799 Aero. Coupe 5


Type 45 degree, overhead drive.
Cylinders Sixteen Cylinder.
Block Cast iron block on aluminum crankcase.
Bore & Stroke 76.2mm x 101.6mm
Displacement 7.416 Liters
Compression Ratio 6.0:1 std. 5.65:1 opt.
Brake Horsepower 185 hp @ 3800 rpm
Power 138 kW @ 3800 rpm
SAE/Taxable Horsepower 57.5.
Main bearings Five.
Valve lifters Mechanical with hydraulic silencer on rocker bushing.
Carburetor Dual Detroit lubricator, type R-14, L-14, Model 51.


Wheelbase 3912mm
Overall length 6045mm
Front Tread 1508mm
Rear Tread 1575mm
Tires 7.50 x 17.


Transmission Selective, synchro transmission.
Speeds 3 Front, 1 Reverse
Controls Left Hand Drive, center control, emergency lever at left under panel (rhd opt).
Clutch Twin disc clutch.
Drive Shaft drive, Hotchkiss.
Axle 3/4 floating rear axle, spiral bevel drive.
Overall Ratio 4.64:1 std. 4.31:1 opt. 4.07:1 opt.
Brakes Mechanical brakes with vacuum assist on four wheels.
Wheels Wire wheels.
Wheel size 17 in. drop center.


Sidemount covers $20.00
Master Radio $89.50
Standard Radio $54.50
Heater $18.50
Seat covers.
Flexible steering wheel $16.00
Trim rings $1.50 each