Hey Hey, We're the Monkees | Convertible
02 November 2013, 10:20
The Monkeemobile is a modified Pontiac GTO convertible that was designed and built by designer ...
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John Lennon's 1965 Roll's Royce Phantom V
02 November 2013, 11:08
John Lennon's 1965 Roll's Royce Phantom V. This old classic car travelled with John Lennon and ...
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1974 Ford Gran Torino - Starsky & Hutch
02 November 2013, 11:24
' 1974 Ford Gran Torino. This old car was used in the TV series Starsky and Hutch and custom pai...
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1949 Buick Roadmaster
04 November 2013, 19:37
Both Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman spend extensive time in this gorgeous Vintage Car in Rainman.
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1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
04 November 2013, 19:48
This 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was seen in Smokey and the Bandit. The 1977 action comedy f...
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1951 Ford F1 Pickup Truck
04 November 2013, 19:51
1951 Ford F1 Pickup Truck. Used in the TV Show Sanford and Son. The show's 1951 Ford F1 pickup ...
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1972 Ferrari Daytona Spyder
04 November 2013, 19:57
1972 Ferrari Daytona Spyder. James "Sonny" Crockett drove a 1972 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona, com...
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1974 Ford Falcon XB Interceptor
04 November 2013, 19:59
1974 Customized Ford Falcon XB Interceptor. The car started life as a standard 1973 XB GT Ford ...
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1968 Volkswagen T2A
04 November 2013, 20:00
1968 Volkswagen T2A. Used in the long running TV Series Lost. In this scene Hurly drives throug...
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Leslie Special Antique Car
04 November 2013, 20:01
Leslie Special Antique Car. Driven in the 1965 American slapstick comedy film starring Jack Lem...
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1964 Aston Martin DB5
04 November 2013, 20:30
1964 Aston Martin DB5. It took less than 13 minutes of screen time to earn this old car the tit...
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1937 Rolls Phantom III
04 November 2013, 20:31
1937 Rolls Phantom III . See Oddjob driving this beautiful antique car  in the James Bond movie...
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1971 Volkswagen Coyote X
04 November 2013, 20:33
1971 Volkswagen Coyote X. This old car was seen racing through the streets in the American Acti...
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1965 Mercedes Benz 220 SE Convertible
04 November 2013, 20:34
1965 Mercedez Benz 220 SE Convertible. This old car is the primary mode of transport for the fo...
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Shelby Mustang GT500
04 November 2013, 20:35
Shelby Mustang GT500. Driven by Nicolas Cage in the 2000 adaptation of Gone in 60 Seconds.
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1967 Ford Mustang | TV Car
04 November 2013, 20:35
1967 Ford Mustang. "Eleanor" is the trademarked name given to this old car for her role in the ...
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1959 Cadillac Ambulance
04 November 2013, 20:36
1959 Cadillac Ambulance. Awesome looking Ghost catching machine used in Ghostbusters as they gr...
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Batman's Batmobile
08 November 2013, 12:58
The Batmobile is the old car of DC Comics superhero Batman. One of the TV Cars that evolved alo...
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1961 Ferrari GT Convertible
11 November 2013, 10:51
Ferris takes Mr. Frye's prized 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder convertible in a ruse to g...
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Ferrari 308 GTB
11 November 2013, 10:52
The Targa topped 308 GTS was introduced in 1977 and was made famous on the television series Ma...
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1969 Charger General Lee
11 November 2013, 10:55
Even those who don't know classic cars will recognize this famous old car from the television s...
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1958 Plymouth Fury
11 November 2013, 10:58
1958 Plymouth Fury. This old car was featured in the Stephen King's adaptation of Christine in ...
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1968 Ford Mustang GT 390
11 November 2013, 11:05
This Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT 390 Fastback was the old car of choice for Steve McQueen fo...
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1964 Chevy Impala
11 November 2013, 11:06
In the Batman movie they used a customized body on a Chevy Impala Chassis, this is an awesome c...
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1948 Ford De Luxe Special
11 November 2013, 11:08
This beautiful old car was the hot rod driven by Kinike in the movie Grease in 1978.
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1976 Lotus Esprit Series I
11 November 2013, 12:00
This fast classic car was driven by Roger Moore in the James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me i...
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1973 XB GT Ford Falcon
11 November 2013, 12:02
1973 XB GT Ford Falcon. Mel Gibson drives this mean machine through the Australian desert in Ma...
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1970 Dodge Charger
11 November 2013, 12:10
The Dodge Charger R/T is the main car that Dominic Toretto drives in the Fast and The Furious. ...
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1966 Batmobile TV Car
11 November 2013, 12:11
1966 Batmobile TV Car . This amazing Classic Car was driven by George Bains in the television s...
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1961 Gaz 69M
11 November 2013, 12:12
1961 Gaz 69M. See this Vintage Truck in action the movie Indiana Jones movie as they race throu...
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1960 Peterbilt 281 Duel Famous
11 November 2013, 12:17
1960 Peterbilt 281. This rusty vintage truck appeared in Stephen Spielberg's movie Duel. The fi...
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Mad Max 2 Car Chase - Video
13 November 2013, 16:13
Awesome car chase from the Mad Max 2 movie featuring a black Interceptor Ford Falcon XB Coupe, ...
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1968 Pontiac Firebird
14 November 2013, 13:31
1968 Pontiac Firebird made famous by Jim Rockford played by James Garner of the TV Series Rockf...
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Convertible Corvette from the Movie Austin Powers
07 December 2013, 18:00
Convertible Corvette from the Movie Austin Powers. This old car was given an awesome patriotic p...
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42 Chevy from the movie La Mission
07 December 2013, 18:05
42 Chevy from the movie La Mission. La Mission is a 2009 drama film starring Benjamin Bratt and ...
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1949 Mercury driven by James Dean | Old Car
14 January 2014, 20:08
1949 Mercury. This old car was  driven by James Dean in the movie "Rebel without a cause" in 1955
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1932 Ford Coupe | Old Car
14 March 2015, 10:49
1932 Ford highboy painted in Canary yellow color is powered by a V8 Chevy 327 engine and a se...
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