Triumph Tr3 (1957-59)

The Car

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The Specs

Below are the technical specifications and any performance numbers we could get.


Bore & Stroke 83mm x 92mm
Displacement 1991cc
Firing order 1,3,4,2
Oil pressure (hot)
70 lb./sq. in.

Fuel Supply

Carburetor Twin SU Type H6
Needles SM


Intake tappet clearance 0.010″ (cold)
Exhaust tappet clearance 0.012″ (cold)
Valve-timing indication Marks on timing gears
Intake valve opens Intake and exhaust valves equally open at TDC exhaust stroke with 0.015″ rocker clearance


Breaker gap 0.015″
Plug gap 0.025″
Ignition timing indication Pointer on timing cover and hole in pulley
Ignition timing 4° BTDC


Clutch type Single Dry Plate Hydraulic 9″
Clutch linings Frictional area: 72 sq. in.


Brake type Hydraulic
Brake linings Front: 8″ 2LS (Ferodo DS1); Rear: 7″ L and T (Ferodo DMS). Alternative: disc brakes on front

Wheel Alignment

Toe-In Parallel to 18
Camber 2° Positive
Caster angle
King pin angle