Top 10 Gorgeous Retro Cars In the World

If you are planning to start collecting vintage cars, you should start with these models.

As you know, retro cars are extremely expensive pleasure. Largely due to the fact that they are rare. Rare so much that some of them have survived in the amount of only a few copies, and even the richest and most influential cannot get the cars they want. If your bank account already has the capital you need to become an avid collector of vintage cars, then here are the models to start with. Moreover, each of them is a masterpiece and a work of art.

1. Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

This is an absolute legend of the automotive industry from the 1930s. The car’s design was personally developed by the founder of the brand, Jean Bugatti. Due to the use of a special alloy of magnesium and aluminum, the body could not be welded, so the machine parts were riveted.

In total, the French manufacturer has assembled three Type 57SC Atlantic, and one of them was badly damaged in an accident involving a train, but luckily the enthusiasts rebuilt it. As a result, humanity can continue to admire these rarest cars, which, although they have an auction price of $ 30-40 million, are in fact priceless.

2. Ferrari 250 GTO

An equally legendary car that came out of the gates of the factory in Maranello, in the Emilia-Romagna region in northwestern Italy. The 250 GTO is notable for being, by and large, a racing car, which has been granted a road permit. Actually, GTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato – “allowed for racing Gran Turismo”. This was done due to the fact that only cars that could be bought could take part in the Grand Touring Group 3 category.

Buying a 250 GTO wasn’t easy, though. It wasn’t enough to be rich to own this car. Each buyer was personally approved by Enzo Ferrari, who was distinguished by a tough disposition. Therefore, only the most loyal fans of the brand could get the 250 GTO. And there were only 39 such lucky ones.

3. Jaguar E-Type

Perhaps one of the most famous cars made in Britain and almost a reference English car. Rumor has it that at one time, Enzo Ferrari himself called it the most beautiful car in history. And it’s hard to argue with that.

In addition, there was a limited edition of Lightweight, it was planned to produce 18 such cars, but only 12 were made. And this car is so legendary that in 2014 Jaguar decided to add the remaining six cars. Moreover, it was not just a replica, but a real continuation of the series: the same materials and technologies were used in their production as in the 1960s. And even their chassis numbers are those that were reserved 50 years ago.

4. Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Another automotive legend and the first Mercedes sports car after the war. The “gull wing”, as this car was called for the characteristic shape of the doors, was developed primarily with an eye to performance in races. Even these very doors are made in this way because of the car frame – the pipes of which it consisted are just below the driver’s shoulders. As a result, in order to keep the frame intact, they came up with a vertical way of opening the doors.

The steering wheel is also not simple: in order to get into the car, the driver first had to throw it back, otherwise he simply would not be able to stick his legs in. And in order to start the car, just turning the key is not enough: you first need to turn on the ignition, then manually turn on the fuel pump drive, pull out the throttle valve, then start the engine and push the toggle switches of the fuel pump and choke valve in place. A whole ritual!

5. Cadillac V-16

A whole series of cars that can only be called a “concentration of luxury”. The heart of the car was a giant 7.4L V-16 engine that gave the model its name. The Cadillac V-16 was available in a wide variety of body styles, from two-door coupes to luxurious four-door limousines. There were even modifications with a closed passenger compartment and an open driver’s seat – this type of body is called a “town car”.

The car was “lucky” to appear in 1930 – in the midst of the Great Depression. However, this did not prevent the Cadillac V-16 from holding out on the assembly line right up to 1940 – and then the company even managed to release the second generation of these absolutely luxurious cars.

6. Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

At the dawn of motorization, any self-propelled crew was already an expensive and status thing, but Rolls Royce stood out against the general background even then. And the Silver Ghost, which has been in production for nearly 20 years, is still the benchmark for the luxury car. In the end, Lenin himself chose this particular model as the main machine – although equality was proclaimed in a young country, some were more equal than others.

Even the car received the name Silver Ghost for a reason: the word “ghost” is an allusion to the quiet operation of the engine at that time. The first to receive this name was chassis number 60551, which was painted silver. As a result, the name stuck to the entire series and became one of the most famous automotive brands.

7. Porsche 550

The first sports car for public roads, designed by the legendary Ferdinand Porsche within the framework of his own brand, was still more of a racing car. Actually, they were most often used in competitions. The car was produced in two bodies: a closed coupe and an open spider. All spiders had special circles on the sides, on which the owners had to place their race numbers.

The most famous owner of the Porsche 550 was James Dean, who put the number 130 on the sides of his car. The actor planned to race in his sports car, but just five days before the race he crashed. In the same Porsche 550 with a red leather interior, which he bought a few days before the tragedy.

8. Alfa Romeo 8C 2900

In the 1930s, Italians Alfa Romeo produced 43 8C 2900s – each one unique. These were both luxurious coupes with exclusive bodies and racing cars that took part in the competition as part of the Scuderia Ferrari team, then they did not yet produce their cars, but used the chassis of Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

Cars intended for everyday driving were created by the automaker in conjunction with two body shops: Carrozzeria Touring and Pininfarina.

9. Delahaye 175

Now only sophisticated car makers know about this automaker, and in the first half of the 20th century it was one of the leaders of the French automotive industry, specializing in luxury cars. But after World War II, the luxury segment was not in great demand and the company could not survive the market decline. But before its closure, Delahaye released a series of 175 luxury models, which received, as was customary at that time, unique bodies.

The most beautiful of them is the 175 S Roadster Saoutchik, the exterior of which was designed by the body shop of Jacques Sauchik (Jacob Savchuk). The shape of the car gave the impression that the car was literally flying over the road. This 175 S Roadster was so eye-catching that it still wins awards for its looks and wins automotive beauty contests.

10. Mercedes-Benz SSK

The racing Mercedes SSK was the last car Ferdinand Porsche developed as a salaried employee. And although fewer than 40 were produced, the SSK has become one of the most iconic cars in history. At the same time, about half of the models were produced specifically for performances in competitions and these cars have always been one of the favorites.

Unfortunately, after participating in races and the Second World War, only five copies survived – all the rest were broken or donated for more “successful” cars. As a result, Mercedes-Benz SSKs have become one of the most expensive and rare cars in the world.

Photo: Getty Images