Superformance Shelby Cobra

Superformance Shelby Cobra sports car
Superformance Shelby Cobra. Replica based on a 1961-1967 Shelby Cobra. The Shelby Cobra sports car is one of the most common subject for a replica, but Superformance’s take on it is surely the best and most accurate. You can even have it in Mk. III, Mk. II FIA, and Mk. II Slab Side flavors. There’s a reason this is the only Cobra replica that’s officially licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc.

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  1. I believe it was Car & Driver ; way back in the 70s, had a bunch of muscle cars, of the early 70s, compete against a 66, 289 Cobra.
    Of the so called: “Muscle cars”, the 454 Chevelle was the fastest in quarter mile.
    The Cobra beat the Chevelle by a second…
    “What up now !?”

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