Seville Cadillac History 1981

Seville Cadillac Moels & History 1981

Though basically unchanged for 1980, Seville got a few new touches including restyled (optional) wire wheel covers. Side accent moldings were now standard. An air dam below the front bumper was added, in an attempt to improve aerodynamic characteristics and gas mileage. Base engine was the Olds-built diesel V-8, now with roller cam followers on the valve lifters. That made Seville the only car around with a standard V-8 diesel.

Also new: an improved water detection/removal system for the fuel tank. New component labeling procedures were supposed to prevent theft. Seville’s long list of standard equipment included

  • cast aluminum wheels
  • four-wheel disc brakes
  • cruise control
  • power windows and door locks
  • Soft-Ray tinted glass
  • tilt/telescope steering wheel
  • lighted vanity mirrors
  • illuminated entry system.

Standard gear also included

  • low-rolling-resistance tires
  • low-fuel warning
  • improved windshield washers.

New options:

  • several radio and tape systems of advanced design
  • a memory system for the power driver’s seat
  • the modulated-displacement V8-6-4 engine that was standard in other Cadillacs.

A Buick-built 252 cu. in. V-6 with four-barrel carburetor was also available this year. Both gasoline engines brought buyers a credit of several hundred dollars.

Sevilles came in 13 high-gloss acrylic lacquer finishes, with accent striping and moldings. Optional were 13 two-tone combinations (such as Twilight Blue over Norfolk Gray) and 8 Firemist paints. Dual Comfort 45/45 seats were upholstered in Heather knit cloth; or 11 leather shades in tucked seating areas. Deep-pile Tiffany carpeting decorated the floor. Also standard: map lamps, assist straps, and an improved electronic-tuning AM/FM stereo radio.

Hoods displayed a burnished wreath-and-crest ornament over the vertical-style grille with its large header bar, and engine compartments had a new light. Cast aluminum wheels were standard. One-piece bumpers had built-in guards. A Touring Suspension became optional during the 1981 model year. Seville Elegantes had been easy to spot with their bold “French Curve” molding separating two-tone body colors. This year, base Sevilles gained the full-length accent moldings that had formerly been an Elegante exclusive. The pricey Elegante package included

  • tucked seating areas and steering wheel in Sierra Grain leather
  • 40/40 Dual Comfort seats
  • leather-topped console
  • Tampico carpeting
  • “Elegante” script on glove box and body
  • cross-laced wire wheel covers
  • chrome side moldings.

Elegante came in four color combinations:

  • Sheffield Gray Firemist over Sable Black (slate gray interior)
  • Superior Blue Metallic over Twilight Blue (dark blue interior)
  • Desert Sand Firemist over Briarwood Brown (light beige interior)
  • Mulberry Gray Firemist over Bordeaux Red (mulberry gray interior).


Model Number Style Number Body Type Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
Seville V-6 / Diesel V-8
6K S69 4-door Sedan 5 $20,598 / 21,088 3688 / 4028 lb 28,631
  • Figures before the slash are for V-6 engine, after slash for variable-displacement gas V8-6-4.
  • By late spring 1981, prices rose on the Seville to $23,000 for the diesel


Feature Basic diesel V-8 Optional V-6 Optional V-8
Type 90-degree, overhead valve V-8. Cast iron block and head 90-degree, overhead valve V-6. Cast iron block and head 90-degree, overhead valve variable-displacement. Cast iron block and head
Displacement 350 cu. in. (5.7 liters) 252 cu. in. (4.1 liters) 368 cu. in. (6.0 liters)
Bore & stroke 4.057 x 3.385 in. 3.965 x 3.40 in. 3.80 x 4.06 in.
Compression ratio 22.5:1 8.0:1 8.2:1
Brake horsepower 105 at 3200 R.P.M. 125 at 3800 R.P.M. 140 at 3800 R.P.M.
Torque 200 lbs.-ft. at 1600 R.P.M. 210 lbs.-ft. at 2000 R.P.M. 265 lbs.-ft. at 1400 R.P.M.
Main bearings Five Four Five
Valve lifters Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Fuel supply Fuel injection 4-bbl carburetor Digital fuel injection
VIN Code N 4 9


Wheelbase 114.0 in.
Overall length 204.8 in.
Height 54.3 in.
Width 71.5 in.
Front Tread 59.3 in.
Rear Tread 60.6 in.
Standard Tires P205/75R15 SBR wide WSW


Transmission Turbo Hydra-matic transmission, column shift.
Gear ratios 3-speed automatic (1st) 2.74:1; (2nd) 1.57:1; (3rd) 1.00:1; (Rev) 2.07:1.
Gear ratios 4-speed automatic w/V-6 (1st) 2.74:1; (2nd) 1.57:1; (3rd) 1.00:1: (4th) 0.667:1; (Rev) 2.07:1.
Standard final drive ratio 2.41:1 except w/V-6, 2.93:1
Steering recirculating ball (power assisted
Suspension same as 1980.
Brakes four-wheel disc.
Fuel tank 22.8 gal. w/diesel, 20.3 gal. w/V8-6-4, 21.1 gal. w/V-6


4.1-liter gas V-6 engine $490 credit
V8-6-4 gas engine $325 credit
5.7-liter diesel V-8 engine $325-$351
California emission equipment $46-$182).
Engine block heater $22).
100-amp alternator $41).
Heavy-duty cooling $59).
Touring suspension $95).
Trailering pkg. $59-$100


Seville Elegante $2734


Astroroof $1058
Rear defogger, grid-type $134-$175
Automatic door locks $129
Garage door opener $125
Illuminated entry system $67
Digital instrument cluster $200
Memory driver’s seat $169
Power river’s seat recliner $130
Leather-trimmed steering wheel $79
Tilt/telescope steering wheel $147
Theft deterrent system $157
Guidematic headlamp control $78
Trumpet horn $28
Thermometer on left mirror $35
Twin lighted vanity mirrors $116
Electronic-tuning seek/scan AM/FM stereo radio with 8-track tape player $195
Electronic-tuning seek/scan AM/FM stereo radio with 8-track tape player and CB $480
Electronic-tuning seek/scan AM/FM stereo radio w/cassette $281
Electronic-tuning seek/scan AM/FM stereo radio w/cassette and CB $547
Two-tone paint: Firemist $520
Firemist paint $208
Door edge guards $16-$24
License frames, each $11
Front console $151
Leather seating area $439-$595
Carpeted front rubber floor mats $35-$38
Carpeted rear rubber floor mats $20
Trunk mat $16
Cast aluminum wheels NC
Locking wire wheel covers $266-$328
Puncture-sealing tires $106