Series 62 Cadillac History 1953

Series 62 Cadillac Models & History  1953

Changesseen in 1953 included a redesigned grille with heavier integral bumper and bumper guards, the repositioning of parking lamps directly under the headlights, chrome “eyebrow” type headlamp doors and one-piece rear windows without division bars. Wheel discs were fashioned in an

1953 Cadillac
Series 62

attractive new dished design. Series 62 models were identified by non-louvered rear fenders, the use of thin bright metal underscores on the bottom rear of the cars only and the decoration of both hood and deck lid with Cadillac crests and V-shaped ornaments. As was the practice since 1951, Series 62 sedan bodies measured 127mm less than the other styles.

1954 Cadillac Series 62

A Coupe DeVille roof pillar script was seen again on this luxury hardtop. Standard equipment included all items featured the year before. Late in the production year the limited-edition Eldorado luxury convertible was added to this model range. A full assortment of DeLuxe accessories, including wire wheels, were standard on this specialty car which introduced the wraparound windshield for production models.


1953 Cadillac Series 62
Fisher emblem

  • Serial numbers and engine numbers were again one and the same.
  • They appeared on the right-hand side of the crankcase above the water pump and on the right frame side bar behind the engine support.
  • The first two symbols were “53” for 1953.
  • The next two symbols indicated the series as follows:
    • “62” = Series 62 (including Eldorado)
    • “60” = Series Sixty Special Fleetwood
    • “75” = Series 75 Fleetwood
  • The remaining digits represented the consecutive unit number and began with 00000 for all series.
  • All series had the same ending number, which would be misinterpreted if listed.


Model Number Body Style Doors Model Seat Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
53-62 6219(X) 4 Sedan 5 $3666 1910 kg 47,316
53-62 6219(X) 4 Export Sedan 5 $3666 1910 kg 324
53-62 6237(X) 2 Coupe 5 $3571 1904 kg 14,353
53-62 6237DX 2 Coupe DeVille 5 $3995 1933 kg 14,550
53-62 6267X 2 Convertible Coupe 5 $4144 2035 kg 8,367
53-62 62 Chassis only 4
53-62 6267SX 2 Sport Convertible Coupe 5 $7750 2181 kg 532


  • The export sedan was shipped in CKD form to foreign countries.
  • The symbol X in brackets indicates hydraulic window lifts optional
  • “without brackets” indcates this feature is standard.


Type V-8 Overhead valves.
Block Cast iron block.
Displacement 5.425 Liters
Bore and stroke 96.8mm x 92.1mm
Compression ratio 8.25:1.
Brake horsepower 210 hp @ 4150 rpm
Power 157 kW @ 4150 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings
Valve lifters Hydraulic valve lifters.
  • with Hydra-Matic Transmission:
    Carter WCFB four-barrel Model 2005S
    also – Rochester 4GC four-barrel Model 7005100.
  • with Dynaflow Transmission:
    Carter WCFB four-barrel Models 2088S, 2119S, and 2119SA
    also – Rochester 4GC four-barrel Model 7006215.

1953 Cadillac

NOTE: After the Hydra-Matic plant fire approximately 19,000 Cadillacs were sold with Buick Dynaflow transmission attachments. This was referred to as the “Twin Turbine” drive.


1953 Cadillac Series 62
Convertible interior

Wheelbase 3200mm
Overall length (Sedan) 5481mm
Overall length (Other) 5608mm
Tires 8.00 x 15.
Dual exhaust system standard.
Rear axle ratios 3.07:1


1953 Cadillac

  • None available.


1953 Cadillac Series 62
Convertible rear end

Hydraulic window lifts optional on some Series 62 models.
Heating and ventilation system $199
Power steering $177
Signal-seeking radio with preselector and antenna $132
Remote control signal-seeking radio with preselector and antenna $214
Five white sidewall tires $48 exchange
Tinted E-Z-Eye glass $46
Autronic Eye Automatic headlamp beam control $53
Chrome wire wheels $325
Air conditioning $620


1953 Cadillac Series 62
Convertible V-emblem