Series 61 Cadillac History 1951

Series 61 Cadillac Models & History 1951

Aminor facelift and small trim variations were the main Cadillac styling news this year. Miniature egg crate “grilles” were set into the outboard grille extension panels below the headlights. Larger, bullet shaped style bumper guards were used. The features list included

  • handbrake warning lamp
  • key start ignition
  • steering column cover
  • Delco-Remy generator
  • knee-action front suspension
  • directionals
  • mechanical fuel pump
  • dual downdraft carburetion
  • slipper type pistons
  • rubber engine mountings
  • oversize brakes
  • Super Cushion tires
  • one-piece windshield
  • intake silencer
  • 160 horsepower engine
  • oil bath air cleaner
  • equalized manifolding
  • automatic choke
  • luxury appointments

On the dashboard, “idiot lights” were used to monitor oil pressure and electrical charge rate instead of gauges. The smaller body was again used on 61s and again identified by the lack of full-length chrome underscores. However, a new medallion now appeared on the rear roof pillar of these cars, above the upper beltline molding.


  • Cadillac serial numbers again matched motor numbers and were used for all license, insurance and identification purposes.
  • They were located on a boss at the front right-hand face of the engine block and on the right frame side member behind the motor support.
  • Motor serial numbers for 1951 Series 61 models began at 51610000000.
  • The ending number for all Cadillac series was 110340 (preceded by applicable model year and-series code for final unit.)


Model Number Body Style Doors Model Seat Price Weight Production Total
51-61 6169 4-door Sedan 5 $2917 1740 kg 2300
51-51 6137 2-door Club Coupe 5 $2810 1739 kg 2400


Type V-8: Overhead valves.
Block Cast iron block.
Displacement 5.425 Liter
Bore and stroke 96.8mm x 92.1mm
Compression ratio 7.50:1.
Brake horsepower 160 hp @ 3800 rpm
Power 119 kW @ 3800 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings.
Valve lifters Hydraulic valve lifters.
Carburetor Carter WCD two-barrel Model 845S – also – Rochester BB two-barrel Model 7004200.


Hydra-Matic drive $186


Power windows (specific models).
Heating and ventilating system.
Radio and antenna.
Chrome wheel discs.
Windshield washers.
Fog lamps.
White sidewall tires (availability limited).


Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Series 61 3099mm 5382mm 1499mm 1600mm 8.00 x 15
Series 62 3200mm 5737 1499mm 1600mm 8.00 x 15
Series 60S 3302mm 5712mm 1499mm 1600mm 8.00 x 15
Series 75 3728mm 6002mm 1499mm 1600mm 8.20 x 15