Series 61 Cadillac History 1948

Series 61 Cadillac Models & History 1948

Majordesign changes marked the short wheelbase Cadillacs (series 61) for 1948.

  • They featured General Motors first all-new postwar body with styling advances including tailfins inspired by the Lockheed P-38 fighter plane.
  • There was also an attractive egg crate grille which was higher in the middle than on the sides.
  • The front of the car was protected by a heavier and more massive bumper bar which curved around the fenders.
  • The Cadillac crest was centered low in a ‘V’ above the radiator grille.
  • Chrome headlamp rims were used.
  • Cars in the 61 series lacked bright metal front fender shields and under-taillight trim.
  • A new dashboard with “rainbow” style instrument cluster and leather grained panels extending to the carpets was seen only this year.


  • Cadillac serial numbers again matched motor numbers and were used for all license, insurance and identification purposes.
  • They were placed in the same locations as before.
  • Motor serial numbers 48100001 to 486148663 appeared on 1948 Series 61 models.


Model Number Body Style Doors Model Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
48-61 6169 4-door Sedan 5 $2833 1886 kg 5,081
48-61 6107 2-door Club Coupe 5 $2728 1849 kg 3,521
48-61 Chassis only 1


Type V-8 L-head.
Block Cast iron block.
Displacement 5.678 Liter
Bore and stroke 88.9mm x 114.3mm
Compression ratio 7.25:1.
Brake horsepower 150 @ 3400 rpm
Bearings Three main bearings.
Valve lifters Hydraulic valve lifters.
Carburetor Carter WCD two-barrel (models 595S or 595SA) or Stromberg AAV-26 two-barrel (models 380154 or 380871).


Model Wheelbase Overall length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Series 61 3200mm 5436mm 1499mm 1600mm 8.20 x 15