Series 60 Cadillac History 1948

Series 60 Cadillac Models & History 1948

TheSeries 60 Special Fleetwood sedan was again based on an extended General Motors C-Body shell with 50mm wider front and rear doors. The tailfins, built-in rear bumper design and egg crate grille seen on the lower-priced lines were used. Appearing again, on the rear roof pillar, were four slanting chrome slashes. Instead of the standard wide stone shields, the 60 Special had a thinner type which curved upwards along the forward contour of the rear fender and incorporated an attractive ribbed insert panel. At the rear of the car, a band of chrome extended across the bottom of the fender skirts and quarter panels. Standard equipment included cloth and leather upholstery combinations and leather-grained doors and instrument panel.


  • Motor serial numbers 486000001 to 486052706 appeared on 1948 Series 60S Fleetwood models.


Model Number Body Style Doors Model Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
48-60S 6069 4-door Sedan 6 $3820 1980 kg 6,561


Type V-8 L-head.
Block Cast iron block.
Displacement 5.678 Liter
Bore and stroke 88.9mm x 114.3mm
Compression ratio 7.25:1.
Brake horsepower 150 hp @ 3400 rpm
Brake horsepower 112 kW @ 3400 rpm
Bearings Three main bearings.
Valve Lifters Hydraulic valve lifters.
Carburetor Carter WCD two-barrel (models 595S or 595SA) or Stromberg AAV-26 two-barrel (models 380154 or 380871).


Model Wheelbase Overall length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Series 60S 3378mm 5740mm 1499mm 1600mm 8.20 x 15