Premium Solid-State Battery Crossover Introduced

It will go on sale in 2022

American firm Mullen Technologies, headquartered in Bray, California, announced its readiness to launch a premium electric crossover with a solid-state battery. The novelty will be named MX-05 and will hit the market in 2022.

In the meantime, Mullen Technologies has nothing to brag about. The Dragonfly K50 supercar (this is a two-door Qiantu K50 homologated for the States), which was planned to be assembled from vehicle kits supplied by the Chinese Qiantu Motor, has not yet gone on sale. It may have to be abandoned altogether, because by the standards of modern electric vehicles, it is rather outdated: the mileage on one charge is only 380 kilometers in the NEDC cycle, and the power of the power plant is 435 horsepower.

Mullen’s new strategy calls for the launch of several electric crossovers – and the MX-05 has been named the firstborn. The SUV will be assembled at an existing plant that Mullen Technologies intends to buy for $ 135 million using a “proven platform” that will reduce model development time from four years to two. A feature of the MX-05 will be a 150 kilowatt-hour solid-state battery. The technology was developed by the Chinese Linghang BOAO, and Mullen has exclusive rights to use it in the United States.


Independent tests by EV Grid have shown that the capacity of this battery decreases by only two percent after 10 thousand recharging cycles. It has a wide operating temperature range (-40 to +60 degrees Celsius) and a high recharge rate: a fully discharged battery can be filled in 35 minutes.

In theory, it will provide a range of up to 885 kilometers when driving at a constant speed of 120 kilometers per hour and up to 1030 when driving at 88 kilometers per hour without a significant difference in altitude.

A solid-state battery does not need additional cooling and is lighter than a conventional lithium-ion battery. In addition, this technology is safe, which will be one of the main advantages of the MX-05.

The market debut of the crossover is scheduled for 2022. The price should be “competitive”.