1947 Divco Milk Truck

1947 Divco Milk Truck. Divco was an old car manufacturing company well known for its pioneering delivery vehicles.

The Green Lantern

This classic car glows like The Green Lantern equipped with a black leather trunk strapped to the back this old car is ready for a road trip.

1960 Ford Starliner

The 1960 Ford Starliner. This old car offered a great platform for NASCAR teams to build their race cars. Characterized by their thin roof pillars, fastback styling and slippery aerodynamics, they symbolized 1960s jet age design.

1966 Chevy Impala

1966 Chevy Impala.  This classic old car looks picturesque with an old school gas station in the back ground matching the colors of the car.

Death In The City

Death In The City. This classic old car is being used to create a very cool Halloween scene.