1932 Ford

1932 Ford. This antique car has been customized with a stunning gun metal grey paint job.

Classic Ford Pickup Truck

Classic Ford Pickup Truck. Picturesque custom car with an amazing rusty brown and green paint job, white wall tires and an old Cokeacola box in the back.

1951 Chevy | Pickup Truck

1951 Chevy Pickup Truck. Customized chopped pickup truck riding super low in a flat dark grey color. This truck doesn’t just have personality, but attitude as well.

1950 Mercury | Old Car

1950 Mercury. This old car comes with a sexy burgundy paint job with creme accents on the side, white wall tires, a Desotto grille and a shiny chrome front bumper.

1955 Pontiac Chieftain

1955 Pontiac Chieftain. These old cars were one of the first all new car designs to come to Pontiac in the post World War II years.