Muscle Car Engines

Muscle Car Engines

At the core of every American Muscle Car is its engine. While some will argue this point, some muscle cars don’t even have V8 engines. But most do. And there’s nothing like a big American fire-breathing V8 to make you smile. The power, the torque, the smoothness yet the brutality of it, and of course that sound. There’s nothing else like it. Below is our study of some of America’s great muscle car engines, organized by make, then engine family. Enjoy.

Chevy Small Block V8-Gen I

The granddaddy of all American muscle car engines, Chevy’s might Mouse Motor grew from a 265 to a 400, and that’s just the first generation.





LS-series Chevy Small Block V8
The modern-day small block makes more power with greater efficiency than ever before, with displacements all the way out to 427 cubes!




Chevy Big Block V8
From Gen I 348s and 409s all the way through Gen IV 454s, and everything in between. The mighty “Rat Motor” in all its glory. Pictures, specs, history & more.




Ford V8 Engines

From the ancient Flathead V8 of 1932, through the OHV V8s of the 50s thru the 90s & into the new Modular engine family of OHC, DOHC & supercharged V8s.

Flathead V8, 1932-1953
Y-Block V8, 1954-1964
FE Big Block V8, 1960-1978
Windsor Small Block V8, 1962-2000
Boss 302 V8, 1969-1970
Modular V8, 1991 to present

Chrysler’s iconic “Elephant Motor” in 3 generations from 1951 to the present.





Mopar LA Small Block V8

Chrysler followed the industry trend & introduced their own lightweight small block V8 in 1964, the LA-series V8. It stayed in production until 2003 & served as the basis for the Viper V10.