MAG Auction 2017
Hot August Nights, Reno NV

ABOVE: Bidding at the MAG Auction 2017 was at a fever pitch at times.

Hot August Nights has always tried to have a major classic car auction there as part of the weeklong celebration of American Car Culture. For years it was Barrett-Jackson, but starting last year, MAG (stands for Motorsports Auction Group) has been putting them on and doing a bang-up job of it. This year, they had nearly 1,000 gorgeous cars, trucks, rods, motorcycles, and lots more, all under one roof at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, and what a show it was. I go to events like this as much to ogle the cars as to watch the bidding, or perhaps bid myself. Big auction like this are like massive car shows, indoors, climate-controlled, under bright lights, and expertly-detailed. Anything to entice to you to bid. It’s a target-rich environment for me. Except, the one problem that I have is that most of the hoods are open. I can’t take nice exterior shots with the hood open. Nice engine shots though. And I never touch the cars without permission, so that’s out. Anyway, for what its worth enjoy the car show…I mean, auction.

ABOVE & BELOW: Rows and rows of cars, trucks, and just about anything else with wheels on it.

ABOVE: Every auction has to have a ’70 Plymouth Superbird, right?

BELOW: A pair of 1965 Shelby Continuation Cobras, built in modern times using old VIN numbers from 1965 that Ol’ Shel never used. 50 were built.

ABOVE: You can see just about anything at an auction like this.

BELOW: The MAG Auction 2017 was also host to lots of great vendors selling some really interesting, and in this case visually stunning items, some you won’t find anywhere else.

For all the Auction Results from this sale, go to MAG’s website at There were some real bargains this year, along with tons of stuff that went for crazy money, and everything in between. Next year’s MAG Auction at Hot August Nights is scheduled for August 9-11, 2018 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center again. And again it will be a part of Hot August Night. I’ll be there.