Fleetwood Cadillac History 1955

Fleetwood Cadillac Models & History 1955

Thetrim on the Fleetwood long-wheelbase models was distinctive from other lines. A horizontal rub molding ran from the front parking light housings to the trailing edge of the front door and stopped. A full-length vertical air-slot style fenderbreak molding was placed directly behind the rear gap of the back doors. The two moldings did not meet at right angles. Other styling alterations, such as grille design changes, conformed to the new 1955 themes. A Fleetwood scripts appeared on the deck lid. The high headroom appearance was seen again. Both models continued to feature auxiliary seats for extra passenger carrying capacity and the Imperial sedan-limousine had an hydraulically operated glass driver’s partition.


Model Number Body Style Doors Model Seat Price Weight Production Total
55-75 7523X 4-door Sedan 7 $6187 2282 kg 1,075
55-75 7533X 4-door Imperial Sedan 8 $6402 2324 kg 841
55-86 8680S Commercial chassis 1,975

NOTE: The commercial chassis featured a 4012mm wheelbase and was provided to makers of professional cars for construction of funeral cars and ambulances, etc.


  • Serial numbers and engine numbers were the same again
  • They were found in the same locations as previous year.
  • The first two symbols were “55” to designate 1955 model production.
  • The next two symbols indicated the series as follows:
    • “62” = Series 62 and Eldorado
    • “60” = Series Special Fleetwood
    • “75” = Series 75 Fleetwood
  • The remaining digits represented the consecutive unit number and began at 00000 for each series.
  • All series had the same ending number, which would be misinterpreted if listed.


Feature Standard Engine Optional Engine
Type V-8: Overhead valves V-8: Overhead valves
Block Cast iron block Cast iron block
Displacement 5.425 Liters 5.425 Liters
Bore and stroke 96.8mm x 92.1mm 96.8mm x 92.1mm
Compression ratio 9.0:1 9.1:1
Brake horsepower 250 hp @ 4600 rpm 270 hp @ 4600 rpm
Power 186 kW @ 4600 rpm 201 kW @ 4600 rpm
Main bearings Five Five
Valve lifters Hydraulic Hydraulic
Carburetors Carter WCFB four-barrel,
Models 2355S, 2354S, 2185S,
2186S, 2266S, 2267S, and
2255 – also – Rochester 4GC
four-barrel, (Less air conditioning)
Model 7007970; (With air conditioning)
Model 7007971.
Two (2) Rochester 4GC four-barrels
front: Model 7007240
rear, without air conditioning: Model 7007240
rear, with air conditioning: Model 7007241

The Eldorado engine was optional in Series 75 Fleetwood models at extra cost.


Feature Series 75 Fleetwood
Wheelbase 3805mm
Overall Length 5494mm
Front Tread 1524mm
Rear Tread 1603mm
Tires 8.20 x 15 six-ply
Exhausts Standard dual exhausts
Standard Rear axle ratio 3.36:1
Optional Rear axle ratio 3.07:1


The 270 horsepower Eldorado engine was available as an optional “Power Package” in other models for $161 extra.


Radio and antenna $132
Heating and ventilation system $129
Power brakes $48
Four-way adjustable power seat $70
Vertically adjustable power seat $54
Power windows $108
Air conditioning $620
White sidewall tires
E-Z-Eye safety glass
Autronic Eye automatic headlamp dimmer


  • Total 1955 output of all models reached 140,777 units, a new record high for Cadillac Division.
  • Charles E. Arnold was chief engineer