Eldorado Cadillac History 1965

Eldorado Cadillac Models & History 1965

Undera new model rearrangement, the Eldorado became a one-car Fleetwood sub-series, but was really less distinguished than before. Fleetwood hood and deck lid crests were the main difference in outer trim. Additional standard equipment, over that found in Sixty-Specials, included white sidewall tires and a six-way power seat for cars with regular bench seating.

1965 Cadillac Eldorado

Except for the Series 75, the entire Cadillac line was again totally redesigned for 1965. Appearance was smoother and more rounded, thanks in part to the division’s first use of curved side glass, and the tailfins—a Cadillac tradition since 1948—were gone. The big V-8 was repositioned 152mm forward of its previous location in a new box-section perimeter frame, replacing the old X-type. A completely new four-link rear suspension system combined with front suspension refinements for an even smoother ride, and a revised exhaust setup brought an already quiet automobile even closer to silence. It had been a long time since Cadillac had made so many significant advances in a single model year. Naturally, the Fleetwood Eldorado convertible shared in these. Like the Sixty-Special, it was again bereft of bodyside trim apart from the wide rocker moldings, but the fender skirts were back once more as standard. Predictably, Eldorado sales, like those of the entire Cadillac line, increased markedly.


Model No. Style No. Body Type Seat Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
65-684 68467-E
2-door Eldorado Convertible

6 $6754 2118 kg 2,125


Type V-8 Overhead valves
Block Cast iron block
Displacement 7 Liter
Bore and stroke 104.9mm x 101.6mm
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Brake horsepower 340 hp @ 4600 rpm
Power 255 kW @ 4600 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings
Valve Lifters Hydraulic valve lifters
Carburetor Carter AFB four-barrel, model 3903S


Wheelbase 3289mm
Overall length 5690mm
Front tread 1588mm
Rear tread 1588mm
Automatic level control standard where indicated in text
A new engine mounting system and patented quiet exhaust were used
Tires 9.00 x 15


Air conditioner $495
Controlled differential $54
Cruise Control $97
Door guards on two-door models $4
Soft Ray tinted glass $52
Delete-option heater and defroster $97 credit
License plate frame $6
Power door locks $46
Power headlight control $51
Power vent window regulator option $73
Radio with rear speaker $165
Radio with rear speaker and remote control $246
AM/FM radio $191
Rear seat belts $18
Front seat belt delete-option $17 credit
Adjustable steering wheel $91
Twilight Sentinel standard
Five white sidewall tires 9.00 x 15 size with four-ply construction standard