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1972 Saw the Beginning of Major Changes to the Dodge Challenger

After the success of the inaugural 1970 Challenger and sustained sales momentum of the 1971 Challenger, Dodge was forced to scale back the 1972 Challenger to reflect new economic realities. From concerns regarding fuel efficiency to geo-political energy stability, there was massive changes happening across the globe and the Challenger was not the only muscle car affected by that.

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1972 dodge challenger

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1972 dodge challenger

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1972 dodge challenger

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1972 dodge challenger

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1972 dodge challenger

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The changes that Chrysler was forced to make to the Challenger for the 1972 model year reduced performance significantly, with available engines reduced to just three: a 225 ci slant-6, a 318 ci V8, or a 340 ci V8. Buyers could choose from a 3-speed manual, 4-speed manual (340 ci V8 only), or an automatic transmission.
1972 dodge challenger

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