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The 1970 Challenger Was Chrysler's Response to the Ford Mustang... & What a Response it Was!

With a selection of engines and power topping north of 425 horsepower, the Dodge Challenger was a serious, if not late, entrant into the waning muscle car segment. Chrysler, in an effort to demonstrate just what they were capable of, turned the Challenger into a household name and a brand that has endured for more than 50-years. On this page we have exhaustingly researched and curated as much 1970 Challenger information as we could find. Enjoy!

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1970 dodge challenger

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1970 dodge challenger

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By the time the 70’s came to a close, Chevrolet and Ford (as well as some other enthusiastic parties) had plenty of vehicles to carry the muscle car moniker.. Mustang, Firebird, Camaro, Nova, Chevelle... the roster list was pretty substantial. Even Dodge had quite a few participants in the horsepower war with the Charger, Coronet, Dart, and Barracuda. 1970 was a tough year to start a legacy, but that didn’t stop the newcomer from leaving a powerful mark on the industry.
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Diving Deep on the 1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger One-Offs & Special Editions

Take a look at some of the unique 1970 Challenger models, many of which are exceedingly rare today!

1970 Dodge Challenger Technical Information

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1970 Dodge Challenger Data

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