7 thoughts on “Dodge Challenger Old vs. New”

  1. The newer one…
    The 3.6 V-6, makes better numbers, than the old 318cid.
    The tires are better than the old bias ply.
    The brakes are far better.
    The seats are better.
    The transmission’s better.
    Sorry; but the old mopars, had really cheap looking interiors.

  2. Peter thielen

    I have spent a great goal of time in a 1970 RT covert 440 non-stock and a 2009 RT v8. The new one is head and shoulders a better car. It is almost as fast off line but at highway speed to max you want to drive it hooks up and goes. 1970 is more fun, convert, lower to ground, huge rumble etc. but for the money the new one wins as it should in any measure

  3. The old one you had to know how to drive. The new onw it drives you. I had both! If you had it set up right and compared apples to apples which means exclude the Hellcat. The 440 would be the true muscle( you needed muscle) car!

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