Deville Cadillac Moels & History 1981

Standard engine for DeVille and Fleetwood Brougham was the “modulated displacement” 368 cu. in. (6.0-liter) V8-6-4, with digital fuel injection. Optional: a 252 cu. in. (4.1-liter) V-6, provided by Buick. That V-6 had Computer Command Control and a knock sensor to adjust spark advance, as well as diagnostics. The Olds diesel V-8 was also offered.

Externally, DeVilles and Fleetwoods carried a new forward-peaked grille with heavy wide upper header bar (Cadillac script again at the side) over an undivided tight crosshatch pattern. Quad headlamps sat above quad amber parking/signal lamps, with wraparound clear/amber cornering lights. Standard wheel covers displayed a Cadillac crest on dark red background. New standard Electronic Climate Control offered digital accuracy. Standard equipment also included a six-way power passenger seat, power windows, and low-fuel warning. New pillow-style seating came in rich Heather cloth (four colors); or leather in ribbed seating areas (ten colors). Sedan DeVilles could have automatic lap-shoulder belt for driver and front passenger. Other options: a Heavy-Duty Ride package, wire wheel covers, and Elk Grain vinyl roof.


Model Number Style Number Body Type Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
6C D47 2-door Coupe 6 $13,285 / 13,450 3801 / 4016 lb 62,724 (total includes the 2-door Fleetwood Brougham)
6C D69 4-door Sedan 6 $13,682 / 13,847 3852 / 4067 lb 86,991 (total included the 4-door Fleetwood Brougham)

Figures before the slash are for V-6 engine, after slash for variable-displacement gas V8-6-4. A diesel V-8 was also available. By late spring 1981, prices rose on all reached $23,000 for the diesel, Coupe DeVille $14,345.


Feature V-6 Diesel V-8
Type 90-degree, overhead valve V-6. Cast iron block and head 90-degree, overhead valve V-8. Cast iron block and head
Displacement 252 cu. in. (4.1 liters) 350 cu. in. (5.7 liters)
Bore & stroke 3.965 x 3.40 in. 4.057 x 3.385 in.
Compression ratio 8.0:1 22.5:1
Brake horsepower 125 @ 3800 rpm 105 @ 3200 rpm
Torque 210 lbs.-ft. @ 2000 rpm 200 lbs.-ft. @ 1600 rpm
Main Bearings Four
Valve Lifters Hydraulic
Fuel Supply 4-bbl. Carburetor
Made by Buick Oldsmobile
VIN Code 4 N


Wheelbase 121.4 in.
Overall length 221.0 in.
Height DeVille Coupe 54.6 in.; DeVille sedan 55.6 in.
Width 76.5 in. max.
Front Tread 61.7 in.
Rear Tread 60.7 in.
Standard Tires P215/75R15 SBR wide WSW


Transmission Turbo Hydra-matic transmission standard on all models; column shift.
Gear ratios V8-368 (1st) 2.48:1; (2nd) 1.48:1; (3rd) 1.00:1; (Rev) 2.07:1.
Other three-speed models (1st) 2.74:1; (2nd) 1.57:1; (3rd) 1.00:1; (Rev) 2.07:1.
Four-speed automatic w/V-6 (1st) 2.74:1; (2nd) 1.57:1; (3rd) 1.00:1: (4th) 0.667:1; (Rev) 2.07:1.
Standard final drive ratio 2.41:1 except w/V-6, 3.23:1
Steering recirculating ball (power assisted
Front suspension coil springs and link-type stabilizer bar.
Rear suspension four-link drive coil springs, electronic level control available
Brakes front disc, rear drum
Fuel tank 24.6 gal. exc. diesel, 27 gal. and V-6, 25 gal.


4.1-liter gas V-6 engine $165 credit
5.7-liter diesel V-8 engine $325-$351
California emission equipment $46-$182
Engine block heater $22
100-amp alternator $41
Heavy-duty cooling $59
Limited slip differential $86
Electronic level control $173
Heavy-duty ride package $270
Trailering pkg. $59-$100


DeVille d’Elegance $1005
Coupe DeVille Cabriolet $363
Appearance value pkg. $802


Astroroof $1058
Controlled-cycle wiper system $45
Rear defogger, grid-type $134-$175
Automatic door locks $129
Garage door opener $125
Illuminated entry system $67
Dual Comfort front seats w/six-way power passenger seat adjuster $395
Memory driver’s seat $169
Power river’s seat recliner $130
Notchback passenger seat recliner $130
Leather-trimmed steering wheel $79
Tilt/telescope steering wheel $147
Power trunk lid release and pull-down $96
Theft deterrent system $157
Twilight Sentinel $65
Guidematic headlamp control $78
Opera lamps $72
Trumpet horn $28
Thermometer on left mirror $35
Twin lighted vanity mirrors $116
Electronic-tuning seek/scan AM/FM stereo radio with 8-track tape player $195
Electronic-tuning seek/scan AM/FM stereo radio with 8-track tape player and CB $480
Electronic-tuning seek/scan AM/FM stereo radio with cassette $281
Electronic-tuning seek/scan AM/FM stereo radio with cassette and CB $547
Full padded vinyl roof $240
Two-tone paint Firemist $293
Two-tone paint partial Firemist $394
Firemist paint $208
Accent striping $61
Door edge guards $16-$24
License frames, each $11
Leather seating area $439-$595
Automatic lap/shoulder belts $150
Carpeted rubber front floor mats $35-$38
Carpeted rubber rear floor mats $20
Trunk mat $16
Locking wire wheels $755
Turbine vaned wheel covers $63
Locking wire wheel covers $266-$328
Puncture-sealing tires $106