Current Classics 23

Current Classics 23
South Bend IN

On a recent business trip to Indiana, I had some time to kill before my flight out of South Bend. I found this great little classic car showroom and shop that totally took my by surprise. Out front, you’ll find an eclectic selection of classic iron. Inside is a showroom where they keep all the good stuff. I had called first and set an appointment with the owner Darin Hurn, and he graciously took his time to show me around. In back is a huge shop filled with several interesting projects. He’s a very nice fellow and he has a nice operation going. It was well worth the trip for me.

ABOVE & BELOW: Corvettes, trucks, Chevelles, and yes, that’s an ’87 Buick Regal T-Type (for sale for $15,900). There was a nice selection of lower-priced classic and semi-classic cars, as well as some higher end cars inside.

ABOVE & BELOW: A couple of cool old trucks graced the front line. Check out that ’58 Ford pickup. My first car (truck, actually) was a ’57 looking very much like this one, way back when I owned it. Talk about patina, huh?

ABOVE: This 1963 Corvette convertible was a barn find, with a little patina of its own. But no one is going to clean this one up. It’s a survivor. A one-owner car, hidden away in storage since 1972. Not for sale.
BELOW: There was a nice selection of Porsches. The silver one is an ’88 priced at $48,000. The blue one is an ’81 Outlaw, just sold. And the burgundy convertible is actually an ’86 all-metal slant nose, priced at $50,000.

ABOVE: Current Classics 23 has a big shop in back, with a few projects going here and there, and plenty of room to work.
BELOW: This Porsche race car (wrapped, not painted), was just pulled in for repairs, after having an argument with a guardrail.

BELOW: Actually it was the other side that took most of the battle damage. Ouch!

ABOVE: The ’61 Ford Galaxy, a customer car, sits below a brand new $26,000 custom chassis by Scott’s Hotrods & Customs. It’s going under a ’68 Camaro body.
BELOW: Check out the construction on that front suspension.

BELOW: Here’s the lucky donor car (’68 Camaro) that is going to receive that lovely custom frame.

ABOVE: Owner Darin Hurn with a few ‘toys’.
BELOW: Jordy the dog keeps a watchful eye on the whole operation.

I spent an hour or so poking around Darin’s shop, and really enjoyed myself. He had some interesting cars, and lots of great stories. And his South African accent made them even better. Truth is, he’s living the dream that I have set as a goal for myself. A classic car dealership, a big shop, and enough financial freedom to be able to enjoy himself, and not have to strangle a living out of what is supposed to be a passion. Hence, he only works by appointment, so call first. Current Classics 23 is located at 14911 IN-23, Granger, IN, near South Bend. Phone number (574) 303-2455,, or email Darin at [email protected].