1956 GMC Fleet Side Box | Pickup Truck

Fan submission from Mc Reset. This is what Mc has to say about his pickup truck. “1956 GMC Fleet side box body by Boyd Coddington Corvette running gear. Lots of work done to make this a daily driver its 5.7 with factory made headers disk...

1956 F-100 | Pickup Truck

“Snakebit”, a custom built 1956 F-100 sells for $450,000 at Barrett-Jackson.

1970s | Pickup Trucks

1970-era trucks all in a row. This awesome picture features a ’79 F-100 Ranger, ’78 F-100 Custom, ’74 F-250 Camper Special and ’79 F-100 Custom Shortbed.

Firetrucks | Old Car

Before and after. Over 40 years of creative engineering between these two. Both are firetrucks and in service at the Yukon Volunteer Fire Company

1970 Chevrolet El Camino | Muscle Car

1970 Chevrolet ElCamino 454/700HP BigBlock. This pickuptruck or should we call it a muscle car is topped with a The Blower Shop 8-71 supercharger backed by a Turbo 400 transmission? And a 12 bolt completing the package.

1946 Ford Pickup Truck | Old Ford Truck

1946 Ford Pickup Truck. A gallon of gas and a little tweaking later, this 46′ started right up after barn sitting for over 25 years. It was given a well deserved second life.