1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Dick Lang | Race Car

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Dick Lang Race Car. This sports car ran 12 races at Daytona in 1963 and 11 races at Riverside! Only 199 Z06’s were built in 1963, and of those, only 63 contained the special option N03 36 gallon fuel tank.

Shelby Cobra ‘Toy’ | Sports Car

Dad Creates The Most Awesome Shelby Cobra Toy Car with a Mini 7HP Engine for his son. What could possibly motivate a father more than his child? We think that this is one of the greatest job ever and congrats to Ernesto Freitas who built this miniature of the famous Shelby Cobra for his son. … Read more

Before it was a Mustang it was a Cougar

Before it was a Mustang it was a Cougar Ford once considered selling the Mustang under a different name — Cougar. See these rare pre-production pics and let us know … did Ford make the right choice?

1961 Corvette | Sports Car

1961 Corvette. There were more choices under the hood in 1961. The 283 now came in five different versions: from a 230 horsepower single four barrel version all the way up to 315 horses. The 270 and 315 horse engines were fuel injected. The three speed manual transmission was now standard with a four speed … Read more

Mustang II Cobra | Sports Car

The unsung Mustang II was no muscle car, but in 1974 it had the highest sales since 1966. In the context of the 70s this car was a home run.