1966 Impala SS | Muscle Car

Fan submission from Caset Winners.  Sweet muscle car – 1966 Impala SS

1976 Mustang | Old Car

1976 Mustang old classic car.  Fan submission from David Duchesne.  Thanks David.

1970 AMC Javelin |Muscle Car

1970-Special Red,White & Blue Javelin, made by American Motors Corp. One hundred ever made.  In the Patriot, Red,White & Blue.

1971 AMC Javelin | Muscle Car

Fan submission from Americars.  This is what they have to say about this car “one of my all time favorite classic american muscle cars, but it is an often forgotten car for non car experts.” AmeriCars’s photo.

Goat | Muscle Car

Check out this awesome fan submission from Judy Stroud.  What a great GOAT Judy.  Thank you for sharing.

1965 Mustang | Muscle Car

1965 Mustang T-5R. PACKING A FORD INDY V8