1932 Ford

1932 Ford. This antique car has been customized with a stunning gun metal grey paint job.

1923 Ford T Bucket

1923 FORD T Bucket. A T-bucket (or Bucket T) is a specific style of hot rod, based on a Ford Model T of the 1915 to 1927 era, but extensively modified, or alternatively built with replica components to resemble a Model T. Since the last Model Ts are old cars built in 1927, most modern … Read more

1924 Bugatti Type 35 1

1924 Bugatti Type 35 1. This sweet vintage car is one of the finest old cars found in the Netherlands.

Alvis TA 28

Alvis TA 28. This is a fictitious model car, inspired by the Alvis cars produced after the World War II. It is also my first MOC after I became a LEGO Designer

Vintage School Bus

Vintage School bus found in the Antique Car Museum in Tallahassee. This classic car Number 32 school bus is a beautiful old school yellow.