Calais Cadillac Models & History 1974

Amajor restyling marketed the “Gas Crunch” era Cadillacs of 1974. A wide egg crate grille was used. Dual round headlamps were mounted in close together square bezels. Further outboard were double-deck wraparound parking lamps. Shorter vertical grille guards appeared in about the same position as before. Rear fender sides were flatter, without the elliptical bulge. The thin belt line moldings was positioned lower by several inches. The rear end had vertical bumper ends with the taillights built in. Both bumpers, especially the rear, protruded out further from the body. Coupes sported large, wide “coach” windows giving a thick center pillar look. A new curved instrument panel housed a digital clock. Standard equipment included:

  • variable-ratio power steering
  • dual power brakes
  • front disc brakes
  • automatic transmission
  • power windows
  • all courtesy and warning lights
  • three-speed wipers and electric washers
  • visor vanity mirror
  • two front cigar lighters
  • front and rear arm rests
  • remote control lefthand outside mirror
  • assist straps
  • side and cornering lights
  • automatic parking brake release
  • front center arm rest
  • litter container
  • flow-through ventilation
  • L-78 x 15B blackwall bias belted tires
  • A-472 cubic inch four-barrel V-8


Model Body/style Number Body Type Seating Price Weight Production total
6C C47/G

2-door Hardtop Calais Coupe

6 pass $7371 4900 4,449
6C C49/N

4-door Hardtop Calais Sedan

6 pass $7545 4979 4,449


  • At the beginning of the 1974 model year, the following factory retail prices were in effect for Calais models: C49/N ($6,327); C47/G ($6,153).
  • A mid-year price increase resulted in the factory retails shown in the chart above.
  • Mid-year price increases, although nothing new to the auto industry, became much more common after the early 1970s.


Model Wheelbase Overall length Width Tires
Brougham 133 in 234 in 80 inches L78 x 15/B white sidewall bias belted
Eldorado 126 224 in
Commercial chassis 157.5 in L-78 x 15/B black sidewall bias belted
Seventy-Five 151.5 in 252 in
All others 130 in 231 in


Description Standard Engine Eldorado Engine
Engine type V-8 Overhead valves. Cast iron block V-8 Overhead valves
Main bearings Five Five
Valve lifters Hydraulic Hydraulic
Displacement 472 cubic inches (7.7 litres) 500 cubic inches (8.2 litres)
Bore and stroke 4.300 x 4.060 inches
(109 x 103 mm)
4.300 x 4.304
(109 x 109.3 mm)
Compression ratio 8.25:1 8.25:1
Brake horsepower (net SAE) 205 at 4400 rpm 210 @ 3600 rpm
Torque 365 ft. lbs @ 2400 rpm 380 ft. lbs. @ 2000 rpm
Oil pressure 35 psi 35 psi
Carburetor Rochester four-barrel Quadrajet Model 4MV


Emissions test, required in California $20
Controlled differential (except Eldorado) $56
High altitude performance package $16
High energy electronic ignition $77


Automatic Climate Control $523
Airbag restraint system $225
Automatic Level Control $77
Cruise control $95
Coupe DeVille Custom Cabriolet, with sun roof $840
Coupe DeVille Custom Cabriolet, without sun roof $220
Rear window defogger $64
DeLuxe robe and pillow $85
DeVille d’Elegance group, in Sedan DeVille $355
DeVille d’Elegance group, in Coupe DeVille $300
Door edge guards. two-door $6
Door edge guards. four-door $10
Power door locks, two-door including seatback release $69
Power door locks four-door $69
Dual Comfort front seat in DeVille $108
Front/rear twin floormats $17
Soft-Ray tinted glass $57
Guidematic headlamp control $49
Trumpet horn $15
Bumper impact strips $24
Lamp monitors $48
License frame $6
Illuminated vanity mirror $43
Righthand remote control outside rear view mirror $27
Firemist paint $132
Special Firemist paint $200
Special non-Firemist paint $174
All radios have power antenna
AM/FM pushbutton $203
AM/FM with tape $426
AM/FM signal seeking $340
Fully-padded vinyl roofs, on DeVille/Calais $152
Six-Way power seat in Calais $120
Six-Way power seat in DeVille $89
Six-Way power seat passenger seat only, with Dual-Comfort $120
Six-Way power seat driver’s seat only, with Dual-Comfort $89
Tilt & Telescope steering $94
Sun roof, DeVille $610
Theft deterrent system $80
Left hand remote control thermometer mirror $15
Tires, L78 x 15/D whitewall $41
Tires, LR78 x 15/B whitewall steel belted radial on Calais $156
Tires, LR78 x 15/B whitewall steel belted radial on DeVille with Space Saver spare $156
Tires, L78 x 15/B blackwall bias belted with Space Saver spare $35
Tires, L78 x 15/B whitewall bias belted with Space Saver spare $63
Trailering package $65
Remote control trunk lock $60
Trunk mat $80
Twilight Sentinel $42
Expanded vinyl upholstery in DeVille $184
Special wheel discs $40
Controlled cycle windshield wipers $25