Cadillac Seville history 2001

Cadillac Seville Models & History 2001

The Cadillac Seville was a mid-size luxury sedan manufactured by General Motors’ Cadillac division from 1975 to 2004. The vehicle was traditionally second in the Cadillac lineup after the Deville and was more focused on performance than the larger Deville. History The Seville, introduced in 1975, was Cadillac’s answer to the rising popularity of luxury imports in the US from Europe, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Historically, these imported luxury cars had been cheaper, less luxurious and significantly smaller than Cadillacs, but over time they had evolved, and had become quite luxurious and even more expensive than competing Cadillacs, and yet the market share of these imports continued to climb. It became obvious that the traditional American automotive paradigm of “bigger equals better” was no longer in full effect in the marketplace. So, the Seville was to be simultaneously the smallest and the most expensive Cadillac in the lineup, turning Cadillac’s traditional marketing and pricing strategy on its head. Fifth Generation (1998) The Seville was updated for 1998 on a new revision of the K-body platform based on Oldsmobile’s G-body Aurora. In 1997, the Cadillac Catera took over from the Seville as Cadillac’s small car, and the Seville switched competitors to the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The wheelbase was up to 112.2 in but the overall length was down a bit to 201 in. The car looked similar to the outgoing fourth-generation model that was plagued by build quality problems, but was considered a leap forward and featured numerous suspension and driveablity improvements. The Seville STS (and companion Eldorado ETC) became the most powerful front wheel drive cars on the market at 300 hp (224 kW). The fully-loaded STS model delivered at an MSRP of $52,075. The cars got a new Magnaride adaptive suspension system in 2003. The fifth generation Seville was discontinued for 2004, replaced by the rear wheel drive Cadillac STS. Production of the front wheel drive Seville STS ended on May 16, 2003 and the SLS ended on December 5, 2003. All front wheel drive Sevilles were built in Hamtramck, Michigan.


Those seeking high performance and intuitive, immediate control in a contemporary luxury sedan need look no further. The 2001 Seville defines the cutting edge in its class, combining a muscular yet elegant style and sumptuous comfort with levels of power and responsiveness that few sports cars can equal. Technologically, Seville is stunning, from the highly evolved Northstar System to the superb Bose stereo to the OnStar Communications System with its extraordinary array of safety, security and convenience services. The comprehensive suite of Cadillac Owner Privileges, including No Charge Scheduled Maintenance, assures that you will be as delighted with your Seville years down the road as you are the day you first take delivery. The 2001 Cadillac Seville. Exhilaration in automotive form.



Powerful, easily modulated braking. Responsive turn-in, balanced handling and impressive lateral grip. Lusty acceleration. Whatever your situation calls for, second by second and curve by curve, STS delivers on demand. At its peak, the Northstar engine produces 300 horsepower, and an abundance of torque is available at virtually every operating speed. The electronically-controlled transmission plays an important role in STS’s performance as well. Equipped with a Cadillac-exclusive feature called Performance Algorithm Shifting, the transmission actually senses when spirited driving is taking place and chooses the lowest available gear for the situation, just as a skilled driver would do with a manual gearbox. As you might expect, STS balances this remarkable powertrain with a chassis that’s equally advanced. Cadillac’s innovative StabiliTrak is standard equipment, as is a suspension that monitors road conditions a thousand times every second and adjusts itself accordingly. On a challenging road, the result of all this complex engineering is something surprisingly simple. Pure bliss.


The first things one notices about the STS cockpit are its pleasing design and quality materials. Gentle curves, carefully sculpted forms and fine textures charm the eye. Less obvious, perhaps, is the powerful intelligence at work beneath the surface. Thanks to STS’s ergonomic design and an advanced network of electronic control modules, you enjoy complete control of every nuance of your journey. A multi-function Driver Information Centre supplements the information provided by the cleanly styled analogue gauges, and a memory feature that helps ensure virtually every system is always set just the way you like it.


If it adds to your comfort, convenience of travelling enjoyment, there is an excellent chance that it’s standard equipment inside STS. The spacious cabin is trimmed in fine leathers and genuine East African Zebrano wood. The front seats feature an extensive range of power adjustments and can be equipped with a computer-managed system of air-filled compartments that actually eliminate the pressure points that may occur during long trips. Then there’s the stereo: an amazing Bose 4.0 system with a 425-watt amplifier, a 6-disc CD changer and possibly the finest sound reproduction you have ever heard.


Consummate style, confidence and comfort are the hallmarks of SLS. the 275-horsepower Northstar V8 is reassuringly responsive in urban traffic and provides the kind of effortless acceleration that takes the stress out of highway merging and passing. Matching it perfectly, the suspension is turned for fluid handling and a smooth, quiet, controlled ride. SLS is particularly assured when the going gets slippery, with a host of standard electronic systems designed to make the most of the available grip. One of these, StabiliTrak, actually senses when a lateral skid is taking place during hard cornering and automatically adjusts the application of the brakes to help return the car to your desired line. Then there’s the way SLS reduces distractions to help you concentrate on the important business of driving. When engaged, the wiper system, for instance, actually senses moisture build-up on the windshield and can sweep it away automatically with no need for driver intervention. It’s just one of many thoughtful SLS features that enhance your safety and convenience.


It’s a world of harsh winds, broken pavement, extremes of temperature and roaring exhausts. Why not let SLS take the edge off? SLS was deliberately created to isolate you from the less desirable aspects of travel. Extensive sound-deadening measures and a unique suspension tuning help to keep the cabin whisper-quiet, even at highway speeds. An automatic dual-zone climate control system quickly serves up your preferred temperature, regardless of the season. Even the window glass plays its part, with a special coating that filters out the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.


In traditional automobiles, the engine, transmission, steering and suspension systems all function independently of one another. Such cars can only be as good as the sum of their parts, no more and no less. Seville is built in accordance with an entirely different philosophy. In creating Seville, Cadillac’s engineers called for the finest possible powertrain and chassis components, then linked them electronically via a network of sensors and control modules. The engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes, traction control, steering, and on STS, the Continuously Variable Road-Sensing Suspension 2.0, are all joined together as a single intelligent unit. Called the Northstar System, this Cadillac-exclusive technology helps extract maximum performance from every component system, achieving new levels of driver control in the process.


Herewith, a short course in how to engineer an industry-leading luxury powerplant. Begin with a 90&#deg; V8 configuration, for an optimal blend of power and smoothness. Cast both the block and the cylinder heads from aluminum. to trim weight without compromising durability. Stipulate double overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder; this layout contributes to engine efficiency and power production. Call for computer-controlled Sequential Fuel Injection, so you can be sure that fuel is delivered to each combustion chamber at precisely the right moment, even when the crankshaft is turning at 6000 rpm. Continue by making intelligent, informed decisions about hundreds of other crucial design issues. Then fine-tune the resulting engine relentlessly and test it over hundreds of thousands of kilometres in the most punishing conditions imaginable. Finally, at the end of the day, you may find yourself with an engine that wins the praise of the world’s automotive press and warms the hearts of serious drivers everywhere. An engine precisely like the one under the hood of the 2001 Seville.


Consider the following scenario. It’s a quiet afternoon and you’re following a truck on a two-lane country highway. Suddenly, without warning, the truck’s tailgate opens and a dresser topples onto the road ahead of you. Instinctively, you swerve to avoid the obstacle. An instant later the rear tires lose their grip. It’s the early stages of a spin — and a truly frightening moment for both you and your passengers. StabiliTrak was created specifically to help you avoid this kind of disconcerting and potentially dangerous experience. Standard on both Seville models, StabiliTrak employs a complex network of hardware and software to determine whether your Seville is going in your intended direction. If the system detects a lateral skid it steps in and adjusts the application of the brakes, or applies the appropriate brake automatically, to help bring the skid to an end. StabiliTrak operates so unobtrusively, you may never notice it working. But you’ll always find it comforting to know it’s there.


Seville’s Bose 4.0 sound system reproduces music so accurately, you’ll find that even the most familiar pieces take on a whole new subtlety and depth. Standard on STS and available on SLS, this unit boasts a very high 425-watt average power rating and a kind of clarity that prompted a Toronto Sun scribe to proclaim, “…it’s not only the best sound system I’ve ever heard n a car, it’s the best sound system I’ve ever heard.”


Seville is engineered to help you avoid collisions when it’s at all possible to do so. There’s even an available Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist system that can warn you of obstacles to the rear when you’re reversing into a parking space. Seville is also engineered to help protect you when a collision can’t be avoided, with such safety features as Next Generation frontal and front-seat side-impact air bags, pre-tensioners that pull the front safety belts snug and a sturdy steel safety cage that surrounds the cabin.


Engine type Northstar 4.6L V8, 32-valve DOHC
Displacement 4.6 liters
Bore & Stroke 93mm x 84mm
Compression ratio 10.0:1
Power (SLS) 205 kW @ 5600 rpm
Power (STS) 224 kW @ 6000 rpm
Torque (SLS) 407 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Torque (STS) 400 Nm @ 4400 rpm
Block Aluminum
Cylinder heads Aluminum
Carburetion Sequential Fuel Injection
Ignition Crank-triggered ignition with platinum-tipped spark plugs
Exhaust System Stainless steel
Coolant DEX-Cool up to 240,000 km
Recommended fuel Premium unleaded (91-octane)


  • Configuration: Front engine/front-wheel drive/transverse engine
  • Transmission: 4-speed automatic with Dexron III long-life fluid
  • Brake transmission: shift interlock
  • Clutch: Viscous converter clutch
  • Transmission ratio:
    • 1st gear ratio : 2.96:1
    • 2nd gear ratio : 1.63:1
    • 3rd gear ratio : 1.00:1
    • 4th gear ratio : 0.68:1
  • SLS Final drive ratio : 3.11:1
  • STS Final drive ratio : 3.71:1


Wheelbase 2850mm
Overall length 5105
Height (SLS) 1414
Height (STS) 1406
Width 1904
Front Tread 1593
Rear Tread 1585
SLS Tires P225/60R16 S-rated
STS Tires P235/55R17 W-rated
Suspension Fully independent, coil springs with automatic rear level control
SLS Suspension Integrated Chassis Control System 2.0 with StabiliTrak 2.0 (Normal)
STS Suspension Continuously Variable Road-Sensing Suspension 2.0, Integrated Chassis Control System 2.0 with StabiliTrak 2.0 (Firm) and Road Texture Detection
Steering Speed-sensitive variable-assist, Magnasteer III
Turning circle 12.3 m curb-to-curb
Turns 2.4 lock-to-lock
Brakes Power, 4-wheel disc with electric wear sensors and ABS
Traction control All speeds — brakes/engine


Acceleration 0-96 km/h 7.7 seconds 6.7 seconds
Top Speed 180 km/h 240 km/h
City Fuel consumption 14.0 L/100km
Highway Fuel consumption 7.9 L/100km

Note: Top speed electronically limited to the speed rating of the tires.


  • Oil : 6.6 Liter
  • Coolant : 11.8 Liter
  • Fuel : 70 Liter
  • Battery : 12 volt
  • SLS Towing : 907 kg
  • STS Towing : 1361 kg
  • Trunk : 445 Liter
  • SLS Curb weight : 1802 kg
  • STS Curb weight : 1815 kg


Feature Front Rear
Head room 969mm 966mm
Leg room 1079mm 970mm
Hip room 1411mm 1460mm
Shoulder room 1501mm 1478mm
  • Seating capacity: 5


  • Air bags: Next Generation, driver and front passenger-side, frontal; driver and front passenger-side, seat-mounted side impact
  • Air conditioning: Automatic, dual-zone; includes rear ventilation outlets with rear blower motor
  • Air filtration system:
  • Antenna: diversity, front and rear window integrated
  • Anti-lockout: Any door with key in ignition, in any position
  • Armrest: Rear seat, center, dual cupholders with pass-through
  • Console: Front floor with gated floor shifter
  • Cruise control: Electronic, steering wheel-mounted
  • Door locks: Programmable automatic power
  • Door locks: Child security rear door
  • Exterior Mirrors: Foldaway, power remote control, heated; driver-side includes auto-dimming electrochromic feature
  • Fuel filler door: Power remote release
  • Garage door opener: Universal 3-channel, programmable
  • Glass: Solar-Ray, tinted
  • Headlights: Daytime Running Lights, automatic light control with Twilight Sentinel
  • Headlights: Windshield wiper activated
  • Head restraints: Front seat, articulating with power height adjustment
  • Illuminated entry or exit system: with exterior puddle lighting
  • Instrumentation: Analog cluster (includes digital readout)
  • Instrumentation: Driver information center
  • Keyless entry system: Remote (includes perimeter lighting, personalization and activation notification)
  • Interior Lights: Front and rear reading
  • Interior Mirror: Inside rearview, auto-dimming electrochromic with compass and 3-button OnStar System
  • Lights: Front cornering
  • OnStar In-Vehicle Communications and Assistance Service: Includes one-year Premium Service Plan
  • Programmable Features: Automatic door locking, remote flashing lights, perimeter lighting, and battery storage mode
  • Retained Accessory Power
  • Safety belts: Intentional-set comfort feature, all belts-to-seat, front seat power height adjustable
  • Seats: Front buckets with Nuance leather seating areas
  • Seats: Heated front and rear seating areas
  • Seats: Power 6-way front adjusters and power recliners
  • Seats: Power 4-way front lumbar controls
  • Smoker’s Package: Ashtray and lighter
  • Steering Column: Tilt-Wheel adjustable
  • Steering wheel: Leather wrapped with sound system, climate, and cruise control switches
  • Sunshades: Left and right side padded; illuminated vanity mirrors, variable intensity
  • Tether anchors: Child-seat, 3-position rear seat
  • Theft-deterrent system: Alarm, audible and visual
  • Theft-deterrent system: PASS-Key III
  • Trunk: Power remote release with valet lock-out
  • Trunk: Internal release handle (Interim)
  • Windows: Power, express-down all windows, express-up and pinch guard (interim) features on front windows
  • Windshield wipeers: Rainsense
  • Wood trim: Zebrano


All the SLS standard features plus the following:

  • Fog lights
  • Memory Package: Includes for 2 drivers
    • Power driver’s seat
    • Driver’s lumbar setting
    • Driver’s head restraint and shoulder belt position
    • Driver’s seat exit position
    • Driver’s tilt/telescopic steering column
    • Perimeter lighting
    • Activation verification
    • Outside rearview mirrors
    • Programmable power door locks
    • Climate control settings
    • Radio pre-sets
  • Mirror: Passenger outside rearview with tilt-down parallel park feature
  • Seats: Perforated Nuance leather seating areas
  • Steering column: Power tilt/telescope
  • Six-disc CD changer: In floor console
  • Wood Trim Package: Includes accents on steering wheel and shift knob


  • AM stereo / FM stereo 250-watt system, cassette tape and CD player, clock, TheftLock and 8 speakers, (std. SLS)
  • AM stereo / FM stereo Bose 4.0 425-watt system, cassette tape and CD players, Radio Data System, Digital Sound Processing, weatherband, clock, TheftLock, and 8 Bose amplified speakers (std. STS, opt. SLS)



  • SLS 1SB Package includes :
    • Memory package: Includes for 2 drivers
      • Power driver’s seat
      • Driver’s lumbar setting
      • Driver’s head restraint and shoulder belt position
      • Driver’s seat exit position
      • Driver’s tilt/telescopic steering column
      • Perimeter lighting
      • Activation verification
      • Outside rearview mirrors
      • Programmable power door locks
      • Climate control settings
      • Radio pre-sets
    • Steering column: power tilt/telescopic
  • SLS 15C Package includes 1SB plus the following:
    • Sound system: AM stereo/FM stereo Bose 4.0 425-watt system, cassette tape and CD players, Radio Data System, Digital Sound Processing, weatherband, clock, TheftLock, and 8 Bose amplified speakers
    • Ultrasonic Rear Parking assist: Rear obstacle detection
    • Wheels: 16″ x 7″ chromed aluminum
  • STS 1SE Package includes:
    • Headlights: High-Intensity Discharge (HID)
    • Instrumentation: Tire pressure monitor
    • Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist: Rear obstacle detection
  • STS 1SF Package includes 1SE plus the following:
    • Analog cell phone and cell phone provisions
    • Sunroof: power, sliding glass panel with express-open feature
  • Analog cell phone and cell phone provisions
  • Seats : Driver and front passenger, heated variable adaptive
  • Six-disc CD changer : In floor console (std. STS)
  • Sunroof : Power, sliding glass panel with express-open feature
  • Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist : Rear obstacle detection
  • Wood Trim Package : Includes accents on steering wheel and shift knob (std. STS)


Seville Color & Trim Chart


2001 Cadillac DeVille