Cadillac Seville History 1994

Cadillac Seville Models & History 1994

Two versions of the Seville were offered: SLS (Seville Luxury Sedan) and the STS (Seville Touring Sedan). The STS has more power and better handling than the SLS. From the front, you can tell them apart quite simply: The medallion on the STS is mounted in the middle of the grille. On the SLS, the medallion is a stand-up emblem.

Gone from the lineup was the previously available Seville sedan powered by the 4.9-liter V-8 linked to the 4T60-E transmission. As one of the most respected sports sedans in the world, the Seville STS underscores the fact that Cadillac is indeed creating a higher standard. The STS is responsive beyond question with a Northstar System that includes a 295-hp V8 linked to the 4T80-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission with viscous converter clutch. Agile beyond expectation with a sophisticated real-time Road-Sensing Suspension, STS stands alone through a unique unification of high performance and uncommonly restrained elegance.

The heart of STS is the Northstar System with its 32-valve V8 with a four-speed automatic transmission, electronically synchronized with the engine. The real-time Road-Sensing Suspension is designed to continuously adjust for optimum control and handling. It also has speed sensitive steering, short/long arm rear suspension anti-lock brakes and Bosch ASRIIU traction control.


The rewards of driving an STS should be commensurate with those of owning one. To that end, natural leathers are used to cover the shift handle and new four-spoke steering wheel rim. Genuine Zebrano wood trim inlaid along the dash, console and doors. Master craftsmen match the trim so meticulously that all of the wood used in each car comes from the same tree. It is then finished, polished and fitted by hand. On seating areas, perforated Nuance leather lends a richly supple yet comfortably breathable surface. Both the driver and front passenger seats feature an anatomical design, achieved with the aid of infrared imaging.

This technology helped to identify and eliminate fatiguing pressure points and extend driving comfort. Front Suspension Seating provides cushioned support yet allows the individual to move with the automobile’s ride motions rather than against them. It’s like a suspension system for the seats themselves. A four-way power lumbar adjustment is also built in.

For 1994, the Seville Luxury Sedan (SLS) creates a higher standard of its own with a specially tailored Northstar System, featuring a 270-horsepower 32-valve V8. Its real-time Road-Sensing Suspension is specially tuned for precise handling and an outstanding ride.


The 1994 Cadillac had a 17-symbol vehicle identification number (VIN) stamped on a metal tag attached to the upper left surface of the cowl visible through the windshield. The digits of the code were as follows:
First digit = “1” or “4” = manufacturing country (United States)
Second = “G” = General Motors
Third = “6” = Cadillac
Fourth & fifth = car line/series

  • K/S=Seville SLS
  • K/Y=Seville STS
Sixth = the body style: 5 = four-door sedan
Seventh = the restraint code:

  • 1 = active (manual) belts
  • 2 = active (manual) belts w/dual airbags
  • 3 = active (manual) belts w/driver’s side airbag
  • 4 = passive (automatic) belts
  • 5 = passive (automatic) belts w/driver’s side airbag
Eighth = the engine:

  • Y = LD8 4.6L V-8
  • 9 = L37 4.6L V-8
Ninth = check digit
10th = model year, “R” for 1994
11th = the assembly plant
The remaining six digits identify the production sequence number


Series Body/Style Body Type Factory Price Shipping Weight Prod. Total
KS5 S69 4-dr. Sedan $40,990 3831 lb 46,713
KY5 Y69 4-dr. Sedan $44,890 3893 lb


Feature Seville Luxury Sedan Seville Touring Sedan
Type 90-degree, dual overhead cam Northstar V-8
Block Aluminum block with cast iron cylinder liners
Heads aluminum cylinder heads
Displacement 279 cu. in. (4.6 liters)
Bore & Stroke 3.66 x 3.31 in.
Compression ratio 10.3:1
Brake horsepower 270 @ 5600 rpm 295 @ 6000 rpm
Torque 300 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm 290 lb.-ft. @ 4400 rpm
Lifters Direct acting hydraulic tappets
Fuel Injection Tuned port fuel injection
Recommended fuel Premium unleaded


Wheelbase 2819 mm (111.0″)
Overall length 5183 mm (204.1″)
Overall width 1885 mm (74.2″)
Height 1385 mm (54.5″)
Front Tread 1546 mm (60.9 in.)
Rear Tread 1546 mm (60.9 in.)
SLS Curb Weight 1738 kg (3832 lb)
STS Curb Weight 1766 kg (3893 lb)
Drag coefficient 0.33
Luggage capacity 408 liters (14.4 cu. ft.)
Fuel tank capacity 76 liters (16.7 US gal) (16.7 Imp. gal)


Feature SLS STS
Type 4T80-E four-speed automatic with electronic shift control, overdrive
Clutch Cadillac exclusive viscous converter clutch Pulse-width-modulated torque converter clutch
Final drive ratio 3.11 : 1 3.71 : 1
Suspension Real-time Road-Sensing; electronically adapts to road surfaces. Fully independent with coil springs; Short/Long Arm rear, rear electronic level control
Front Suspension independent Macpherson strut with coil springs. strut-type shock absorbers and stabilizer bar
Rear Suspension Fully independent coil springs, short/long arm w/automatic level control and electronic variable dampers w/road sensing suspension
Steering Electronically controlled Speed-sensitive, power assisted rack-and-pinion; 15.6:1 ratio
Brakes Bosch ABSIIU four-channel anti-lock; power four-wheel disc
Traction control ASRIIU full-range engine power management
Wheels Specific 16″ x 7″ cast aluminum
Tires Michelin XW4 P225/60R16 all-season M+S blackwall radials Goodyear Eagle GA P225/60ZR16 all-season M+S blackwall radials
Body Construction integral body frame
Fuel Tank 20.0 gals. 20.0 gals.


UY9 Sport Int. Pkg. $146
Alarm Syst. (std. STS) $295
Bodyside Striping (SLS) $75
Heated Front Seats $120
Heated Windshield $309
Astroroof $1,550
Leather Seating (std STS) $650
Pwr Lumbar Support (std STS) $292
Auto Day/Night Mirror (std STS) $87
White Diamond Paint $500
Delco-Bose Sound Syst. w/OD & Cassette $972
Chrome wheels $1,195.


  • Cadillac’s model year production totaled 219,485 compared with 225,830 the year previous
  • Based on sales of 210,686 automobiles in 1994 (vs. 204,159 the year before), Cadillac’s share of the U.S., market was 2.3 percent compared with 2.4 the year previous.
  • The Cadillac LSE (Luxury Sedan Euro-Style) show car was exhibited at the major 1994 auto shows.
  • The LSE, a five-passenger sedan finished in Ruby Red was, according to Cadillac, the vision for an entry-level luxury sedan for the mid-1990s.
  • It was powered by a 3.0-liter dual overhead cam V-6 rated at 200 horsepower, and its wheelbase measured 107.5 inches.
  • The aim of the LSE was to broaden Cadillac’s appeal to young, affluent buyers.