Cadillac Seville Models & History 1995

  • The Seville series again consisted of the luxury sedan (SLS) and touring sedan (STS).
  • Both again used the Northstar 4.6-liter V-8 and 4T80-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission with viscous converter clutch.
  • Engine, chassis and interior upgrades/refinements for the SLS basically mirrored the Eldorado coupe while the STS’s mimicked the ETC.

Seville STS has drawn praise for both its style and performance from discerning automobile enthusiasts in many corners of the globe. And whether Seville is challenged by the Trans Canada Highway or by a European autobahn, its renowned Northstar System lends a special measure of response to this sophisticated and potent sports sedan. Clearly, Seville STS is an automobile for those who are not easily impressed. And an automobile designed, not to follow, but to lead.

Visually, STS is a unique statement of strength and civility. At first glance, its appearance is akin to a fine, custom-tailored suit, impeccable in both styling and craftsmanship. A longer second look reveals specific cast-aluminum wheels, purposeful speed-rated blackwall tires and a very restrained use of chrome, all of which speak of this sedan’s powerful performance. And for 1995, new waterborne paint technology provides an even more lustrous finish.

The Seville STS driving environment represents a mastery of technology and craftsmanship unlike any other high-performance touring sedan. Classic touches like supple Nuance leather and genuine Zebrano wood trim blend seamlessly with STS’s leading-edge electronics. The result: an interior designed to meet the needs of the most serious driver, and equipped for unsurpassed luxury.

In Seville SLS, Cadillac’s exclusive Northstar System is specifically tuned for instant urban response, easy manoeuvrability and a luxurious ride on the open highway. Inside the cabin — trimmed in Nuance leather seating areas and Zebrano wood — a digital instrument cluster relays precise information to the driver. And of course, dual front air bags offer peace of mind for both driver and front seat passenger.

Series No. Body/Style No. Body Type Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
KS5 S69 4-dr. SLS sedan 41935 3892 38,931
KY5 Y69 4-dr. STS Sedan 45935 3950


Feature Seville STS Seville SLS
Type 90-degree Northstar 32-valve DOHC V8 4.6 liter
Construction Aluminum block with cast iron cylinder liners & aluminum cylinder heads
Displacement 279 cu . in. (4.6 liters)
Bore & Stroke 3.66 x 3.31 in.
Compression ratio 10.3:1
Horsepower 300 hp @ 6000 rpm 275 hp @ 5600 rpm
Fuel Delivery sequential-port fuel injection for uncompromised response at all speeds
Torque 295 lb.-ft. @ 4400 rpm 300 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm
Valve train Direct acting hydraulic tappets
Recommended Fuel Premium unleaded


Feature Seville Seville Touring
Wheelbase 111.0 in. (2819 mm) 111.0 in. (2819 mm)
Overall Length 204.1 in. (5183 mm) 204.1 in. (5183 mm)
Height 54.5 in. (1384 mm) 54.5 in. (1384 mm)
Width 74.2 in. (1885 mm) 74.2 in. (1885 mm)
Front Tread 60.9 in. (1546 mm) 60.9 in. (1546 mm)
Rear Tread 60.9 in. (1546 mm) 60.9 in. (1546 mm)
Standard Tires Michelin P225/60R16 Goodyear Eagle GA P225/60ZP16


Feature Seville STS Seville SLS
Transmission 4T80-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic (includes viscous converter clutch)
Clutch Cadillac-exclusive viscous converter clutch Torque converter clutch
Final drive ratios 3.71:1 3.11:1
Sensor Real-time Road-Sensing; electronically adapts to road surfaces
Steering Power-assisted rack-and-pinion, speed sensitive — 15.6:1
Traction Control ASR5 full-range
Front Suspension Independent Macpherson strut with coil springs strut-type shock absorbers and stabilizer bar
Rear Suspension Fully independent, coil springs, short/long arm w/automatic level control and electronic variable dampers w/road sensing suspension
Brakes Power assisted front and rear disc w/Bosch anti-lock braking system
Body Construction Integral body-frame
Fuel Tank 20.0 gal US


Front head room 966 mm (38.0 in)
Rear head room 972 mm (38.3 in)
Front leg room 1092 mm (43.0 in)
Rear leg room 993 mm (39.1 in)
Front hip room 1398 mm (55.0 in)
Rear hip room 1464 mm (57.6 in)
Front shoulder room 1496 mm (58.9in)
Rear shoulder room 1460 mm (57.5in)


Feature Seville STS Seville SLS
Curb weight STS 1736 kg (3827 lb.) SLS 1767 kg (3896 lb.)
Front seating capacity 2
Rear seating capacity 3
Luggage capacity 408 L (14.4 cu. ft.)
Fuel tank capacity 76 L (16.7 imp gal. or 20 US gal.)
Tires Goodyear Eagle GA P225/60ZR16,
Z-rated to over 300 kph with all-season
design for broad-range performance.
Michelin XW4P225/60R16.


UY9 Sport Int. Pkg. $146 Theft Deterrent Syst. (std. STS) $295
Elect. Compass $100. Garage Door Opener $107.
Accent Striping (SLS) $75. Heated Front Seats $120,
Heated Windshield $309. Astroroof $1,550.
Leather Seating (std STS) $650. Pwr Lumbar Support (std STS) $292.
Electrochromic Auto Day/Night Driver�s Side Mirror(std STS) $87. White Diamond Paint $500.
Pearl Red Paint $500. Delco-Bose Sound Syst. w/CD & Cassette $972.
Chrome wheels $1,195.