Cadillac Moels & History 1988

The 1988 Cadillac line featured a new 4.5 liter V-8 for the Seville, Eldorado, Fleetwood and de Ville models. The Eldorado was extensively redesigned and detail changes were evident in the Allanté, Brougham, and Cimarron. The acceleration of Cadillacs with the new V-8 was better than any comparable Cadillac of the last decade. The Allanté offered a new analog instrument option as well as new colors. The Seville was given a new front end look and was available with anti-lock brakes. It also had improved fuel economy.

The Eldorado’s sheet metal, except for the roof, was all new. Both the Fleetwood Sixty Special and D’Elegance models had added standard equipment features The best selling of all Cadillac’s models, the deVille coupe and sedan, also had their standard equipment list extended. The traditional Brougham sedan was changed only in minor details while the Cimarron, in its last year of production, had its list of standard features expanded.


The 1988 Cadillac had a 17-symbol vehicle identification number (VIN) stamped on a metal tag attached to the upper left surface of the cowl visible through the windshield. The code was as follows:

  • the first digit, “1,” represented the manufacring country (United States)
  • the second, “G,” represented General Motors
  • the third, “6,” represented Cadillac
  • the fourth was the car line, GM body, as follows:
    • C-DeVille and Fleetwood
    • D-Brougham
    • E-Eldorado
    • J-Cimarron
    • K-Seville
    • V-Allanté
  • The fifth symbol was the series identification:
    • G-Cimarron
    • D-de Ville
    • B-Fleeetwood
    • S-Fleetwood Sixty Special
    • W-Brougham
    • L-Eldorado
    • S-Seville
    • R-Allanté
  • Digits six and seven represent the body style:
    • 47-two-door coupe
    • 69-four-door sedan
    • 57-Eldorado coupe
    • 69-Seville four-door sedan
    • 67-Allanté
  • The eighth digit identifies the engine:
    • “P” – L4-121
    • “Y” – 307 cu in. (5.0 liter) V-8
    • “8” – 273 cu. in (4.5 liter) V-8
  • The ninth digit is a check digit
  • The tenth digit represents the year where “J” means 1988
  • The eleventh digit is the assembly plant
  • The last six digits represent the production sequence
    • Cimarron: 500001 and up
    • Seville: 800001 and up
    • DeVille, Fleetwood, and Sixty Special: 200001 and up
    • Eldorado: 600001 and up
    • Brougham: 700001 and up
    • Allanté: 100001 and up
Make Model Number Style Number Body Type Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
Cimarron 6J G69 4-door Sedan $16071 2756 lb 6454
DeVille 6C D47 2-door Coupe $23049 3437 lb 152,513
DeVille 6C D69 4-door Sedan $23404 3397 lb
Fleetwood D’Elegance 6C B69 4-door Sedan $28024 3463 lb
Fleetwood Sixty Special 6C S69 4-door Sedan $34750 3547 lb
Brougham 6D W69 4-door Sedan $23846 4156 lb
Eldorado 6E L57 2-door Coupe $24891 3399 lb. 33,210
Seville 6K S69 4-door Sedan $27627 3449 lb. 22,968
Allanté 6V R67 2-door Convertible $56533 3489 lb 2569




  • Cadillac’s share of the U.S. car market was 2.52 percent
  • John O. Grettenberger continued to serve as its general manager
  • Its chief engineer was Robert Dorn