Cadillac Models & History  1972

For 1972, there were five models offered: Calais (two-door hardtop coupe and four-door hardtop sedan), deVille (two-door coupe and four-door sedan), Fleetwood Sixty-Special (four-door brougham), Fleetwood Seventy-five (four-door sedan, four-door limousine, and commercial chassis used in hearses and ambulances, etc.), and Fleetwood Eldorado (two-door hardtop coupe and two-door convertible)

In 1972, Cadillac marked its 70th anniversary with a refined line of cars that would set sales records. Cadillac built 267,787 cars which included a black Eldorado that President Nixon gave to the Soviet leader, Leonid Brezhnev. Introductions of the 1972 line took place in September, 1971 with production continuing until July 7, 1972. Calendar year production peaked at 266,780 cars and model year output hit 267,787 units. It was a record breaking year.

Cadillac I.D. Numbers: The GM serial numbering system changed slightly this year to incorporate an alphabetical series code and a new alphabetical code designating engine type. The serial number was again located on top of the instrument panel where it was visible through the windshield.

Character Type Indication
First number “6” to indicate production by Cadillac
Second letter indicates the series as follows: C=Calais; D=DeVille; B=Brougham; L=Eldorado; and F=Fleetwood 75
Third & fourth numbers indicates the body type: 47=Coupe; 49=Sedan; 67=Convertible; 69=Brougham; 23=6 pass Limo; 33=9 pass Limo
Fifth letter Engine: R=472 cid; S=500 cid
Sixth number Model year. 2= 1972
Seventh letter Manufacturing point. Q=Detroit, MI; E=Linden, NJ
Eighth – thirteenth numbers The sequential production code


Model Name Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type Seating Factory price Shipping weight Production total
Calais 682/C C49-N 4-dr HT Sedan 6 pass. $5938 4698 lb 3875
Calais 682/C C47-G 2-dr HT Coupe 6 pass. $5771 4642 lb 3900
DeVille 683/D D49-B 4-dr HT Sedan 6 pass. $6390 4762 lb 99,531
DeVille 683/D D47-J 2-dr HT Coupe 6 pass. $6168 4682 lb 95,280
Fleetwood Sixty-Special 681/B B69-P 4-dr Brougham 6 pass. $7637 4858 lb 20,750
Fleetwood Seventy-Five 697/F F23-R 4-dr Sedan 6 pass. $11,948 5620 lb 995
Fleetwood Seventy-Five 697/F F33-S 4-dr Limousine 9 pass. $12,080 5742 lb 960
Fleetwood Seventy-Five 698/Z 69890Z Commercial chassis $- – lb 2462
Fleetwood Eldorado 693/L L67-E 2-dr Conv. Coupe 6 pass. $7681 4966 lb 7975
Fleetwood Eldorado 693/L L47-H 2-dr HT Sport Coupe 6 pass. $7360 4880 lb 32,099


Engine type Overhead valves. Cast iron block
Main bearings Five
Valve lifters Hydraulic
Displacement 472 cubic inches (7.7 litres)
Bore and stroke 4.300 x 4.060 inches (109 mm x 103 mm)
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Brake horsepower (net SAE) 220 at 4400 rpm
Brake horsepower (gross SAE) 345 at 4400 rpm
Torque 365 ft. lbs @2400 rpm
Oil pressure 35 psi
Carburetor Rochester four-barrel Quadrajet Model 4MV


Model Wheelbase Overall length Tires
Commercial chassis 157.5 in L-78 x 15
Seventy-Five 151.5 in 250 in
Sixty-special 133 in 232 in
Eldorado 126.3 223 in
All others 130 in 229 in


Cruise control $92
Controlled differential (except Eldorado) $56
Eighty-Amp generator $41
Heavy-duty cooling system $56
Exhaust emission system, required on all cars built for California sale $15
Trailer Towing package (Eldorado) $62
Trailer Towing package (all other models) $92
Trackmaster $205


Automatic Climate Control $523
Automatic Level Control $77
Rear window defogger (Eldorado) $36
Rear window defogger (other models) $31
Eldorado grid type rear window defogger $62
Door edge guards in 2-door $6
Door edge guards in 4-door $9
Power door locks for 75s $115
Power door locks for others $69
Power door locks with electric seat back release in coupes and convertibles $69
Dual Comfort seat in DeVille & Eldorado $103
Front and rear floor mats twin type in 75s $10
One piece front and rear floor mats for Eldorado $19
Twin type floor mats in other models $16
Soft Ray tinted glass $57
Convertible hard boot $40
Bumper impact strips $24
License frame(s) $6/1; $11/2
Remote control right mirror (standard on 75s) $26
Brougham and 75 opera lamps $51
Firemist paint $128
AM/FM pushbutton Radio $183
AM/FM signal-seeking stereo Radio $320
AM/FM radio with tape $406
AM/FM stereo signal-seeking with rear control in 75s $410
Full vinyl padded top for DeVille, including “halo” on Coupe DeVille $152
Custom Cabriolet Eldorado Coupe roof $360
Full vinyl Eldorado padded top $157
Power seat options $89-115
Shoulder belts in convertible front seat or rear seat all models $31
Tilt and Telescope steering wheel $92
DeVille/Eldorado/Brougham sun roof with vinyl or padded roof mandatory $610
Sunroof with Eldorado Coupe Custom Cabriolet treatment $1005
Remote control trunk lock $56
Trunk mat $8
Twilight Sentinel $40
Expanded vinyl Calais upholstery $41
Expanded leather upholstery in DeVille/Brougham $169
Expanded leather upholstery in Eldorado coupe $179
White sidewall L78-15 tires in 75s $47
White sidewall L78-15 tires in other models $41