Cadillac Models & History 1970


DeVilles had all of the same features as Calais models, plus dual rear cigarette lighters, Two-Way horizontal control front seat adjusters and rear center arm rest in all models except convertibles. Exterior distinction came from a DeVille script above the rear end of the belt molding and from the use of long, rectangular backup light lenses set into the lower rear bumper, as opposed to the smaller, square lenses used on Calais. A new feature seen this year was a body color border around the edges of the vinyl top covering, when this option was ordered. This treatment had first been seen on 1969 Fleetwoods. The Sedan DeVille and Convertible DeVille were in their last season.


Model Number Style Number Body Type Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
70-683 68369L 4-door Sedan DeVille 6 6118 4690 7,230
70-683 68347J 2-door Coupe DeVille 6 5884 4650 76,043
70-683 68349B 4-door Sedan DeVille 6 6118 4725 83,274
70-683 68367F 2-door Convertible DeVille 6 6068 4660 15,172


Engine type Overhead valves. Cast iron block Five main bearings. Hydraulic valve lifters
Displacement 472 cubic inches (7.7 litres)
Bore and stroke 4.30 x 4.06 inches (109 mm x 103 mm)
Compression ratio 10.0:1
Brake horsepower 375 at 4400 rpm
Torque 525 ft. lbs @ 3000 rpm
Oil pressure 35-40 psi
Carburetor Rochester four-barrel Quadrajet Model 4MV
Wheelbase 129.5 inches (329 cm)
Overall length 225 inches (571.5 cm)
Tires L-78×15


Automatic Climate Control $516
Automatic Level Control on Calais and Deville $79
Special carpets with matching instrument carpet panels $32
Firemist paint as a special request option $205
Special paint (except Firemist) as a special request option $179
Dual Comfort front seat in Deville model L as special request option with standard cloth upholstery $184
Dual Comfort front seat in Deville model L as special request option with production leather upholstery $316
Cruise control $95
Rear window defogger $26-37
Door-edge guards $6-10
Dual Comfort seat with standard Brougham trim in all Deville models except Sedan $105
Soft Ray glass $53
Guide-Matic headlamp control $51
Leather upholstery $156-184
License frame(s) $6-13
Floor & trunk mats $11-20
Signal seeking radio AM/FM with rear control $289
Signal seeking radio AM/FM without rear control $222
Signal seeking radio with stereo $322
AM/FM radio $188
Power seats with Six-Way front $90-116
Power seats with Six-Way lefthand front with Dual-Comfort $90- 116
Shoulder belts $32
Tilt & telescope steering wheel $95
Electric powered sun roof with required vinyl top and Six-Way seat on all DeVilles except Convertible $626
Trumpet horn $15
Remote control trunk lock $53
Twilight Sentinel $37
Expanded vinyl upholstery in Calais $42
Vinyl roof in all Devilles except Convertible $153
White sidewall tires $40