Cadillac Models & History 1969

Cadillac built a record 266,798 cars for calendar 1969, enough to grab ninth place in the industry rankings. For the model year, though, it was still 11th at a little over 223,000, up some 3000 units from ’68.

Eldorado was much the same as before, except that headlights were no longer hidden behind flip-up grille panels. Standards were restyled fore and aft, the major change being a return to horizontal headlamps. Parking lights wrapped around the front fenders and flanked a taller grille, still prominently vee’d. A somewhat unpopular change was the elimination of front vent windows. Per Washington edict, no-cost equipment now included front headrests, energy-absorbing steering column, pushbutton seatbelt buckles, ignition-key warning buzzer, and anti-theft steering column/transmission lock. Prices ran from just above $5400 for a Calais to well over $10,000 for the 75 limousine.

Though hardly the innovator it had been in years past (the Eldorado notwithstanding), Cadillac made all the right moves during the Sixties. Offering its renowned combination of luxury, performance, and style, the company managed to defend its title as “Standard of the World” — or at least of America. While its return to more conservative styling actually lagged behind the rest of the industry, it seems only proper that the company responsible for giving birth to the tailfin should also be the last to abandon it.



  • Serial numbers and motor numbers took the same ge nera form used in 1968.
  • The serial number was in the same location.
  • The sixth symbol was changed to “9” to indicate 1969 model year.


  • Dealer introduction for 1969 Cadillacs and Eldorados was held September 26, 1968.
  • Production of the Eldorado body for 1969 was transferred from the Fleetwood plant in Detroit to the Fisher Body plant in Euclid, Ohio.
  • Cadillac enjoyed its fifth consecutive record sales year and built over 250,000 units for the first time in company history. (Calendar year figures).
  • Strikes again affected the 1969 model run and production of cars built to 1969 specifications peaked at 223,267 units, of which 199,934 were regular Cadillacs.
  • Total production fell 2.9 percent over the 1968 model run.


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