Cadillac Models & History 1968

The 1968 spotlight was on motive power: an all-new 472-cid V-8 with 375 bhp. Designed to meet the new government emission standards that took effect that year, it was extensively tested in the laboratory, being run the equivalent of 500,000 miles. Though not as fuel-efficient as its predecessor, the 472 could boast of being the largest production engine offered in the industry. Designwise, the ’68 Eldorado gained the federally required side marker lights, plus larger taillights, combined turn signal/parking lamps nested in the front-fender caps, and a hood extended at the rear to conceal the windshield wipers. Standards also got the hidden wipers and side markers, along with a revised grille.



  • Vehicle identification numbers were stamped on the top of the instrument panel this year and were visible through the windshield.
  • The first symbol was a “6” for Cadillac.
  • The second and third symbols correspond to the same symbols in the series code number.
  • The fourth and fifth symbols correspond to the last two symbols in the standard Fisher Body Division code (Style Number without letter suffix)
  • The Sixth symbol was an “8” for 1968 model year.
  • The seventh symbol was an assembly plant code as follows:
    • “Q” – Detroit, Michigan
    • “E” – Linden, New Jersey
  • The next group of six numbers was the sequential unit production code.
  • The number sequence began with 100001 at each assembly plant.
  • Body Style Numbers, on the vehicle data plate (located on firewall) were prefixed with “68” for 1968 and suffixed with a single letter, which also indicated series and model and corresponds to the letter on the charts below.


  • Dealer introduction for 1968 Cadillacs and Eldorados took place September 21, 1967.
  • Fourth successive yearly sales record set this year despite 21 day UAW shutdown at Fisher Body Fleetwood plant in Detroit (November 1967)
  • Production was down 1.1 percent, due to same strike.
  • Four-wheel disc brakes with floating calipers optionally available.
  • All-new dash-board design.
  • Larger, shrouded rear view mirrors to eliminate wind buffeting.