Cadillac Models & History 1913

Same as 1912 except


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1913 Cadillac


  • Basic price increased to $1975.


  • Smoother, more integrated appearance.
  • All controls inside.
  • Cowls on all bodies except Coupe.
  • Reverse curve in front fenders.
  • Top and windshield standard equipment.
  • Sidelight wiring concealed.


  • Wheelbase lengthened to 3048mm

Drive line

  • No significant change.


  • Major changes in lower end.
  • Stroke increased to 146mm
  • Main bearings now in upper half of crankcase – lower half becomes an oil pan.
  • Camshaft and accessory shaft chain driven.
  • Engine mounting points moved to top of crankcase.
  • Engine suspended from arched cross members.
  • Valve stems enclosed.
  • Starter/generator simplified (six volt only) and more compact.
  • Ring governor used once more; but for spark control, not speed control.
  • Engine driven tire pump optional.



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1913 Cadillac

If serial numbers were used, they could be found on plate on the dash (with engine no.). Engine numbers were stamped on top surface of crankcase — in front of and to the left of number one (front) cylinder. Starting: 75001. Ending: 90018.



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1913 Cadillac

Model Number Body Series Passengers Price
N/A 4-dr. Touring 5 $1975
N/A 4-dr. Torpedo 4 $1975
N/A 4-dr. Touring 6 $2075
N/A 4-dr. Phaeton 4 $1975
N/A 2-dr. Roadster 2 $1975
N/A 4-dr. Limousine 7 $3250
N/A 2-dr. Coupe 4 $2500



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1913 Cadillac engine
submitted by Bob Willis

Description Vertical, in-line, L-head. Four cylinder. Individual cast iron cylinders, copper water jacket
Bore & Stroke 114.3mm x 146.1mm
Displacement 5.997 Liters
Brake Horsepower 40-50 A.L.A.M. H.P.: 32.4
Main bearings Five
Valve lifters Mechanical — push rod — roller cam followers
Carburetor float feed; Made by Cadillac to C. F. Johnson patents



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1913 Cadillac

Wheelbase 3048mm
Front/Rear Tread 1422mm; optional: 1549mm
Tires 36 x 4-1/2



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1913 Cadillac Model 30

Transmission Selective, sliding gear transmission
Speeds 3 Forward and one Reverse
Steering position Right hand drive, controls to right
Clutch Leather faced cone clutch
Drive Shaft drive
Axle Full floating rear axle
Differential bevel drive, bevel gear differential
Overall ratio 3.43:1 (Roadster 3.05:1, Limo. 3.66:1)
Brakes Mech. brakes on two wheels — service / foot / contracting — emerg. / lever / expanding
Wheels Wood artillery wheels, 10 & 12 spoke, demountable rims
Wheel size 27 in.
Optional Final drive ratios 3.43:1, 3.66:1, 3.92:1



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1913 Cadillac
submitted by Bob Willis

Front bumper $15.00
Clock $35.00
Seat covers $32.50 – 65.00
Running board trunk $33.00
Tire Trunk $16.50
Electric horn $25.00
Power tire pump $25.00
Handy lamp $2.00
Weed chains $8.00


1913 Cadillac Notes

  • Introduced August, 1912.
  • Model year sales: 15,018.
  • Henry M. Leland was president and general manager
  • Frank Johnson was chief engineer
  • Earl C. Howard was general sales manager
  • Cadillac earns its second Dewar Trophy for the electric starter
  • “Standard of the World” first used in the fall of 1912, in ads for the 1913 cars.

1913 Automotive Notes

  • Industry production increases to 461,500 cars and 23,500 trucks
  • Charles W. Nash was president of GM
  • Thomas Neal was chairman of the board at GM
  • Ford improves mass production to double its output. Prices drop to $525
  • Chevrolet merges with Little Motor Car Company
  • Top model year production for 1913