Cadillac Fleetwood History 1994

Cadillac Fleetwood Models & History 1994

  • The Fleetwood sedan and upscale optional Brougham package for the base sedan again comprised the Fleetwood series.
  • Also, the optional coachbuilder limousine package, funeral coach package and trailer towing package were again available.
  • All Fleetwoods were powered by the GenII 5.7-liter V-8 with sequential port fuel injection and the new Opti-Spark ignition system.
    • Opti-spark was an angle-based spark delivery system that ensured precisely timed, high-energy spark needed for optimum fuel efficiency and low emissions.
    • The GenII V-8 was mated to the new 4L60-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission, which replaced the previously used 4L60 unit.
    • The 4L60-E transmission featured altitude compensation and over-rev protection.
    • The transmission shared the same key information with the Powertrain Control Module as the engine to maintain consistent shifting, even in higher altitude, as well as automatically up-shifting out of D1 (first gear) to second to protect the engine.
  • New standard features of the Fleetwood included
    • a four-spoke steering wheel
    • HD6 air conditioning compressor (for use of R-134a refrigerant)
    • turn signal activated “flash-to-pass” feature that allowed the driver to signal the driver in front of intent to pass via bright headlamps (the system worked whether the headlamps were on or not)
    • a DEFOG feature added to the Climate Control system.
    • The DEFOG function directed 65 percent of the air to the windshield for clearing and 35 percent to the floor heat ducts
    • Fleetwood’s interior carpet was 18-ounce Twilight plush, which gave the appearance of wool with a nylon yarn
    • Fleetwood was available in 12 exterior colors including the new Light Gray, Light/Medium/Dark Adriatic Blue and Majestic Amethyst
  • Chrome wheels were a new option for Fleetwood in 1994. The Brougham package again offered a full vinyl top (again a delete option), specific sail panel and instrument panel badging, specific seating (cloth or leather), specific cast aluminum wheels and a 2.93 axle ratio.

Fleetwood and Fleetwood Brougham

The Fleetwoods create a higher standard of uncompromised substance in full-size luxury automobiles. They provide additional protection for up to three front seat passengers with dual air bags. A new 260-hp, 5.7 litre V8 linked to an electronically controlled transmission results in even more responsive acceleration.

In turn, the 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood rewards you with a new 5.7 litre V8 that generates 260 horsepower and, with 335 lb.-ft. of torque, produces prodigious highway passing and the ability to tow large trailers and boats.

The Fleetwood Brougham creates a higher standard of uncompromised strength and substance in a full-size luxury automobile. New for 1994: a specially tuned, second-generation 5.7 litre V8 enhanced by full-range Traction Control, assures responsive acceleration when you need to pass or merge. Its six-passenger roominess is unparalleled in service of your comfort. It is, in fact the roomiest car you can buy. Fleetwood or Fleetwood Brougham also enjoy a deserved reputation as one of the safest automobiles you can drive, exceeding 1997 model U.S. Federal dynamic side-impact safety standards, and providing additional protection for up to three front seat passengers with dual air bags.

While retaining classic Cadillac elegance and style, the 1994 Fleetwood goes to great lengths to provide the qualities you desire most in a luxury automobile. Fleetwood’s expansive six-passenger cabin is unequalled among its competitors.

The unsurpassed functionality of Fleetwood Brougham’s instrument panel extends to meet your fingertips in the form of the new four-spoke steering wheel, highly legible readouts that are easy on your eyes, and accessible controls that inform at a glance.

Cadillac’s patented split-frame design allows you to adjust front seatbacks and seat cushions independently for superior back support. A new defog feature allows the windshield to be cleared in cold and inclement weather, while maintaining heat flow to the lower portion of the cabin. And the quiet you notice is the result of our engineers having applied the most advanced acoustic techniques to digitally locate “noise spots,” thereby making it easier to minimize their intrusion. Fleetwood’s smooth engine, aerodynamic design, and generous amounts of soundproofing also add to the hush.



The 1994 Cadillac had a 17-symbol vehicle identification number (VIN) stamped on a metal tag attached to the upper left surface of the cowl visible through the windshield. The digits of the code were as follows:

  • First digit = “1” or “4” = manufacturing country (United States)
  • Second = “G� = General Motors
  • Third = “6” = Cadillac
  • Fourth & fifth = car line/series
    • D/H = commercial chassis (rwd)
    • D/W = Fleetwood
  • Sixth = the body style: 5 = four-door sedan
  • Seventh = the restraint code:
    • 1 = active (manual) belts
    • 2 = active (manual) belts w/dual airbags
    • 3 = active (manual) belts w/driver�s side airbag
    • 4 = passive (automatic) belts
    • 5 = passive (automatic) belts w/driver’s side airbag
  • Eighth = the engine:
    • P = LT1 5.7L V-8
  • Ninth = check digit
  • 10th = model year, “R” for 1994
  • 11th = the assembly plant
  • The remaining six digits identify the production sequence number
Series Body/Style Body Type Factory Price Shipping Weight Prod. Total
DW5 W69 4-dr. Sedan $33,990 4478 lb 27,473




Feature Fleetwood
Type 90-degree. overhead valve V-8
Block & Head Cast iron block and cylinder heads
Displacement 350 cu . in. (5.7 liters)
Bore & Stroke 4.00 x 3.48 in.
Compression ratio 9.7:1
Brake horsepower 260 @ 5000 rpm
Torque 335 lb.-ft. @ 2400 rpm
Lifters Roller hydraulic valve lifters
Fuel Injection Sequential port fuel injecton,




Wheelbase 3085 mm (121.5″)
Overall length 5717 mm (225.1″)
Height 1451 mm (57.1″)
Width 1982 mm (78.0″)
Front Tread 1568 mm (61.7″)
Rear Tread 1542 mm (60.7″)
Standard Tires Michelin P235/70R15
Fleetwood Curb Weight 2031 kg (4477 lb)
Brougham Curb Weight 2044 kg (4506 lb)
Drag coefficient 0.36
Luggage capacity 588 liters (21.1 cu. ft.)
Fuel tank capacity 87 liters (23 US gal) (19.1 Imp. gal)


Feature Fleetwood Brougham
Type 4L60-E four-speed automatic with electronic shift control, overdrive
Clutch torque converter clutch


Feature Fleetwood Brougham
Front Suspension Fully independent Short/Long Arm with coil springs, deflected-disc shock absorbers
Rear Suspension Four-link with coil springs, stabilizer bar and electronic level control
Steering Speed-sensitive (EVO); recalibrated to balance highway and parking feel; power-assisted recirculating ball, variable 15-13:1 ratio
Brakes Bosch ABSIIU three-channel anti-lock; power front disc, rear drum
Traction control ASRIIU full-range with throttle-relaxer
Wheels 15″ x 7″ cast aluminum
Tires Michelin XW4 P235/70R15 all-season M+S whitewall radials Goodyear Eagle GA P235/70R15 all-season M+S whitewall radials




Feature Fleetwood
Transmission 4L60-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic (includes torque converter clutch).
Steering Power-assisted recirculating ball, speed sensitive, variable assist.
Front Suspension Independent with short/long arms. coil springs, direct acting shock absorbers and stabilizer bar.
Rear Suspension Four link, coil springs w/automatic level control, direct acting shock absorbers and stabilizer bar
Brakes Power assisted front disc/rear drum w/Bosch anti-lock braking system
Body Construction Separate body on frame
Fuel Tank 23.0 gals.


  • Security Pkg. $545
  • Astroroof $1,550
  • Coachbutider Pkg. $755
  • Funeral Cooch Pkg. $910 credit
  • Brougham Cloth int. $1,680
  • Brougham Leather Int, $2,250
  • H.D. Livery Pkg. $150
  • Leather Seating (Fleetwood)$570
  • Auto Day/NightMirror $110
  • Sungate Windshield $50
  • ETR AM/FM Stereo Radio w/CD & Cassette $396
  • Full Vinyl Roof (Fleetwood) $925
  • Full-size Spare $95
  • Chrome wheels $1,195.


  • Cadillac’s model year production totaled 219,485 compared with 225,830 the year previous
  • Based on sales of 210,686 automobiles in 1994 (vs. 204,159 the year before), Cadillac’s share of the U.S., market was 2.3 percent compared with 2.4 the year previous.
  • The Cadillac LSE (Luxury Sedan Euro-Style) show car was exhibited at the major 1994 auto shows.
  • The LSE, a five-passenger sedan finished in Ruby Red was, according to Cadillac, the vision for an entry-level luxury sedan for the mid-1990s.
  • It was powered by a 3.0-liter dual overhead cam V-6 rated at 200 horsepower, and its wheelbase measured 107.5 inches.
  • The aim of the LSE was to broaden Cadillac’s appeal to young, affluent buyers.