Cadillac Eldorado History 1966

Cadillac Eldorado Models & History 1966

 Little change was evident for 1966, the final season for the rear-drive Eldorado. This was a record sales year for Cadillac, its fifth in a row, and 1966 Eldorado production was exceeded only by the 1955 total. And that’s as it should be, for a car with such a great heritage should end on a note of triumph.

But by now, Cadillac had decided it was again time for something truly new. It appeared the following year in the form of the first front-wheel-drive Eldorado, which would set a new standard for personal-luxury transportation. This car would only strengthen Cadillac’s dominance in the upper end of the market. In first-year sales alone it exceeded its predecessor’s combined total for the previous 10.
Nevertheless, this success wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the memorable Eldorados of the Fifties and early Sixties. With the best of everything Cadillac had to offer in those years, they left an indelible impression in the minds and hearts of owners and would-be owners everywhere, and you can’t ask much more than that.


Fleetwood type trim was seen again on the Eldorado. Equipment additions included white sidewall tires and a six-way power front bench seat. It was to be the last season that conventional engineering characterized this model.


Model Number Style Number Body Type Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
66-684 68567-E 2-door Eldorado Convertible 6 6631 4500 2,250


Type V-8 Overhead valves
Block Cast iron block
Displacement 429 cubic inches
Bore and stroke 4.13 x 4.00 inches
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Brake horsepower 340 @ 4600 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings
Valve Lifters Hydraulic valve lifters
Carburetor Rochester four-barrel type, model 7026030


Wheelbase 129.5 inches
Overall length 224.5 inches
Front tread 62.5 inches.
Rear tread 62.5 inches.
Automatic level control standard where indicated in text
A new engine mounting system and patented quiet exhaust were used.
Tires 9.00 x 15


Air conditioner $495.
Controlled differential $54.
Cruise Control $97.
Door guards on two-door models $4
Soft Ray tinted glass $52.
Delete-option heater and defroster $97 credit.
License plate frame $6.
Power door locks $46
Power headlight control $51.
Power vent window regulator option $73.
Radio with rear speaker $165.
Radio with rear speaker and remote control $246.
AM/FM radio $191.
The new seat warmer $60.20
Rear seat belts $18.
Head rests $40.15
Front seat belt delete-option $17 credit.
Adjustable steering wheel $91.
Twilight Sentinel standard
Five white sidewall tires 9.00 x 15 size with four-ply construction standard


  • Best ever sales and production year in Cadillac history.
  • Second year running for sales increases, despite a downturn in the overall market for U.S. cars.
  • First season for delivery of more than 200,000 new units.
  • A record of 5,570 one-week builds was marked December 5 and a record one-day output of 1,017 cars was achieved October 27.
  • The 1966 models were introduced October 14, 1965.
  • Towards the end of the summer 1966, a new assembly line was setup to manufacture front-wheel-drive Eldorados conforming to 1967 model specifications.