Cadillac Eldorado Models & History 1960


Models in this range were characterized by traditional standard equipment additions and by emblems containing a Cadillac shield encircled by a laurel wreath, which appeared on the hood and center of the deck. Fleetwood designations, in block letters, were also found at the right-hand side of the deck. The Brougham had the wreath-style medallions on the roof pillar, along with Tiffany scripts in the same location to identify this extra-rich model.


Model Number Style Number Body Type Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
66-680 68069-M 4-door Sedan 6 6378 4615 5,445
66-681 68169-P 4-door Brougham 6 6695 4616 13,630


Fleetwood exterior trim and Fleetwood interior appointments enriched the cars in Cadillac’s high-dollar lineup. The first major restyling, since 1959, was seen on these models, as well as perimeter type frames. The new look brought the appearance of the big sedan and the limousine up to date, so that it matched the visual impression of other Cadillac lines. A big jump in sales for both regular production models, but not the commercial chassis, was the result.


Model Number Style Number Body Type Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
66-697 69723-R 4-door Sedan 9 10,312 5320 980
66-697 69733-S 4-door Limousine 9 10,521 5435 1,037
66-698 69890-Z Commercial chassis 2,463


Type V-8 Overhead valves
Block Cast iron block
Displacement 429 cubic inches
Bore and stroke 4.13 x 4.00 inches
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Brake horsepower 340 @ 4600 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings
Valve Lifters Hydraulic valve lifters
Carburetor Rochester four-barrel type, model 7026030


Feature Commercial Chassis Series 75 Series 60
Wheelbase 156 inches 149.8 inches 133 inches
Overall length 244.5 inches 227.7 inches
Front tread 62.5 inches
Rear tread 62.5 inches
Automatic level control standard where indicated in text.
A new engine mounting system and patented quiet exhaust were used.
Tires 8.20 x 15 8.00 x 15.
Frame Fleetwood 75s now had the perimeter frame


  • Air conditioner on 60 series models: $495.
  • Air conditioner, 75 Series model: $624.
  • Controlled differential: $54.
  • Cruise Control: $97.
  • Door guards: $7.
  • Fleetwood Brougham option on M model: $199.
  • Soft Ray tinted glass: $52.
  • Delete-option heater and defroster on 75 Series models: $135 credit; on 60 Series models ($97 credit.
  • The new seat warmer sold for $60.20
  • The recliner seat with head rest was $64.20 extra and was available only in F-J-B-H models with Eldorado bench seats or optional bucket seats
  • Leather upholstery on M models: $141.
  • License plate frame: $6.
  • Power door locks on M models: $70.
  • Power headlight control on R-S models: $46; on M models: $51.
  • Six-way power front seat on M models: $85.
  • Power vent window regulator option: $73.
  • Radio with rear speaker: $165.
  • Radio with rear speaker and remote control: $246.
  • AM/FM radio: $191.
  • Rear seat belts: $18.
  • Head rests were a separate, $40.15 option for all Cadillacs
  • Front seat belt delete-option: $17 credit.
  • Adjustable steering wheel on M models: $91.
  • Remote control trunk lock on M models: $53.
  • Twilight Sentinel on M models: $57.
  • Five white sidewall tires 9.00 x 15 size with four-ply construction on M models: $57 exchange.
  • Five white sidewall tires 9.00 x 15 size with six-ply construction, on R-S models only: $64 exchange.
  • Best ever sales and production year in Cadillac history.
  • Second year running for sales increases, despite a downturn in the overall market for U.S. cars.
  • First season for delivery of more than 200,000 new units.
  • A record of 5,570 one-week builds was marked December 5 and a record one-day output of 1,017 cars was achieved October 27.
  • The 1966 models were introduced October 14, 1965.
  • Towards the end of the summer 1966, a new assembly line was setup to manufacture front-wheel-drive Eldorados conforming to 1967 model specifications.