Cadillac Deville Models & History 1965


DeVilles kept their rear fender signature scripts for a distinctions of trim. One auto writer described this feature as “Tiffany-like.” Standard equipment matched that found in Calais models plus power window lifts.


Type V-8 Overhead valves
Block Cast iron block
Displacement 429 cubic inches
Bore and stroke 4.13 x 4.00 inches
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Brake horsepower 340 @ 4600 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings
Valve Lifters Hydraulic valve lifters
Carburetor Carter AFB four-barrel, model 3903S.


Model Number Style Number Body Type Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Production Total
65-683 68367-F 2-door Convertible 6 5639 4690 19,200
65-683 68357-J 2-door Hardtop Coupe 6 5419 4480 43,345
65-683 68339-B 4-door Hardtop Sedan 6 5666 4560 45,535
65-683 68369-L 4-door Sedan 6 5666 4555 15,000


  • Style Number 68357-J was called the Coupe DeVille.
  • Other models were Convertible or Sedan DeVilles.
  • Some sources quote substantially lower factory list prices for 1965 Cadillacs.
  • This may be due to a strike that occurred very early in the year, which probably brought $100-400 price increases after it was settled.
  • The UAW walkout closed the company’s newly expanded Clark Avenue (Detroit) factory from September 25, 1964 through the following December and created a decline in production and sales for the 1964 calendar year.
  • The higher retail prices are being used in these pages


Wheelbase 129.5 inches.
Overall length 224 inches.
Front tread 62.5 inches.
Rear tread 62.5 inches.
Automatic level control standard where indicated in text.
A new engine mounting system and patented quiet exhaust were used.
Tires 8.00 x 15.


Air conditioner $495.
Bucket seats with console in F-J-B models with leather upholstery $188.
Controlled differential $54.
Cruise Control $97.
Door guards on two-door models $4; on four-door models: $7.
Soft Ray tinted glass $52.
Delete-option heater and defroster $97 credit.
Leather upholstery on J-B-L models $141.
License plate frame $6.
Padded roof on J model $124; on B or L models: $140.
Left-hand four-way power bucket seat on F-J-B models $54.
Power door locks on G-F-J models $46; on N-K-B-L models: $70.
Power headlight control $51.
Six-way power front seat on G-N-K models $113; on F-J-B-L models: $85.
Power window regulators on G-N-K models $119.
Power vent window regulator option $73.
Radio with rear speaker $165.
Radio with rear speaker and remote control $246.
AM/FM radio $191.
Rear seat belts $18.
Front seat belt delete-option $17 credit.
Adjustable steering wheel $91.
Remote control trunk lock $53.
Twilight Sentinel $57.
Five white sidewall tires 9.00 x 15 size with four-ply construction $57 exchange.