Cadillac Moels & History 1987

The 1987 Cadillacs, energized by what was regarded as “The new spirit of Cadillac,” as well as the introduction of the Allanté, featured engineering, convenience and styling refinements. A major effort was made to provide the 1987 Cadillacs with enhanced security features. All major body components were now tagged with the car’s individual vehicle identification number. Cadillac’s door-into-roof design was regarded as “an access through otherwise vulnerable window weatherstripping.” Another important security feature was a standard encapsulated door linkage system which enclosed all exterior-to-interior door handle hinges in single castings, thus rendering “slim-jim” devices ineffective. All models except the Cimarron were also offered with a theft deterrent system using the underhood horn as an alarm, and the front door lock cylinders and electric door locks to activate itself. The historic nature of the Allanté’s debut was established by John Grettenberger, who called it “General Motors’ new passenger car flagship.”


The 1987 Cadillac had a 17-symbol vehicle identification number (VIN) stamped on a metal tag attached to the upper left surface of the cowl visible through the windshield. The code was as follows:

  • the first digit, “1,” represented the manufacring country (United States)
  • the second, “G,” represented General Motors
  • the third, “6,” represented Cadillac
  • the fourth was the car line, GM body, as follows:
    • C-DeVille and Fleetwood
    • D-Brougham
    • E-Eldorado
    • J-Cimarron
    • K-Seville
    • V-Allanté
  • The fifth symbol was the series identification:
    • G-Cimarron
    • D-de Ville
    • B-Fleeetwood
    • S-Fleetwood Sixty Special
    • W-Brougham
    • L-Eldorado
    • S-Seville
    • R-Allanté
  • Digits six and seven represent the body style:
    • 47-two-door coupe
    • 69-four-door sedan
    • 57-Eldorado coupe
    • 69-Seville four-door sedan
    • 67-Allanté
  • The eighth digit identifies the engine:
    • “P” – L4-121
    • “Y” – 307 cu in. (5.0 liter) V-8
    • “8” – 250 cu. in. (4.1 liter) V-8
  • The ninth digit is a check digit
  • The tenth digit represents the year where “H” means 1987
  • The eleventh digit is the assembly plant
  • The last six digits represent the production sequence
    • Cimarron: 000001 and up
    • Seville: 000001 and up
    • DeVille, Fleetwood, and Sixty Special: 000001 and up
    • Eldorado: 000001 and up
    • Brougham: 000001 and up
    • Allanté: 000001 and up
Make Model
Seating Factory
Cimarron 6J G69 4-door Sedan 5 $15032 2604 lb 14,561
DeVille 6C D47 2-door Coupe 6 $21316 3312 lb 162,798
DeVille 6C D69 4-door Sedan 6 21659 3370 lb
Fleetwood d’Elegance 6C B69 4-door Sedan 6 $26104 3421 lb
Fleetwood Sixty Special 6C S69 4-door Sedan 6 $34850 3408 lb
Fleetwood 75 6C H23 4-door Limousine 8 $36510 3678 lb
Fleetwood 75 6C H33 4-door Formal Limousine 7 $36580 3798 lb
Brougham 6D W69 4-door Sedan 6 $23740 4046 lb
Eldorado 6E L57 2-door Coupe 6 $23740 3360 lb 17,775
Seville 6K S69 4-door Sedan 6 $26326 3420 lb 18,578
Allanté 6V R67 2-door Convertible 2 $54700 3494 lb 3366




  • In 1987 Cadillac became the first automobile manufacturer to use multiplexed wiring to control lighting on a production automobile, the Allanté.
  • On January 7, 1987, Cadillac became the only General Motors car division with responsibilities for engineering and manufacturing in addition to its marketing and sales activities.
  • As a result, Cadillac had its own staff of engineers, designers, manufacturing personnel and marketing groups.
  • Cadillac General Manager John O. Grettenberger assumed responsibilities for engineering and manufacturing.
  • Robert L. Dorn, previously acting director of the former B-O-C (Buick-Oldsmobile-Cadillac) Detroit Product team, became general director of operations for Cadillac.
  • Total Cadillac model year output was 282,562.